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To one one fries in Nascar racing that eluded him the most over his lustrous career and now coming down the pit lane will be the champion of the nineteen ninety eight Daytona five hundred Dale Earnhardt all the pit crews all of them out on pit Lane Salud Command who has accomplished so much in this sport except when its biggest race. It doesn't have to answer that question anymore after today. Twenty years hard work. I'll tell you for a good day I'll tell you we've got a lot of great race fans a lot of people behind me. He'd really all week long. So this is your wake. Richard chillers has got one heck of a race team. I'm talking about. Everybody Works Richard from thirty one to three truck. DOC everybody all his three-team buys worked so hard for this. I can't believe we wanted to finish fast. We raise some hard and we just good racecar car. It says a lot for the team sent a lot brawler sponsor. Everybody works so hard a Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Something L. M. R. N.. Anchorman Allen. Desperate in your honestly don't remember a lot about it except the outcome. I was still having a hangover. The nine hundred ninety race when I was out on the backstretch and there was a half a lap to go and it got away from it and the latter counting down man could this possibly be and then there's a caution gonna come on well at that time race back to the caution washing so he still get from where he was. When that yellow flag started waiting back to the finish line and then follow the pace car all the way around own without running out of gas or having a real fall off his car and to actually win the race? So I remember just thinking in my head. Don't call the election in until it's official. Circumstances are what they are described them accurately what he hasn't won it till he gets back here and the checkered flag is waiting not yellow in the white black and then obviously the aftermath is just awesome. Having watched how fool that race had been to him. There was no way to not be overjoyed. Rejoice for him but people had experiences with Dale earnhardt minor Germany really great and to see his reaction winning that race and everyone's reaction to him. Winning eating at race was still probably one of the coolest things I've experienced in sports the Truman all lining up to high five him. which kind of like the? That's the lasting image. But then when he got out of the car in Victory Lane and standing there and that smile was bigger than his mustache beaming and his fister in the Air Aaron. He's shaking his arms up and down to see the joy that it brought is is Is a great memory to for the Richard childress racing crew. This record and played played out so many times before a dominant day for the black and white good wrench number. Three Chevrolet had gone by the wayside. Do a myriad of circumstances for Winston Kelly the the victory placed him amid of pit road celebration of epic. Proportion is kind of an after the fact because we had gotten so used to getting so in our vividly vividly remember it road watching the through celebrate and watching day. Oh come out and doing his own. That ended up looking like a three three and then coming down pit road. And the entire crew every crew member coming out in congratulating and it was almost like relief belief in victory lane as Jim Phillips was but it was almost slight for those who had watched him come so close. You didn't have to be an EARNHARDT EARNHARDT fan to note. That was a big moment in. We try not to be fame's do love big moments and I have to say appreciated the significance of that moment but I also thought this is the first of what now. We'll be several when you think about the one and straight firefighters it's like is just always that little something didn't work out for five hundred dollars waiting for something happens as like it deserves it you know. It's it's a cherry on top of his Daytona Kate..

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