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A beautiful set piece stake and i'm sure he came back to red bull's camp and said hey guys but question is the ban over the ball but we see no lawrence so they did the organizer a range of set piece for him a little bit earlier sliding a square ball and he he settled and then hit up thirty five yard shot which really didn't come close to the frame and now a new york city there are called for a violation and this is in a fairly precarious spot in terms of new york city defending it's about thirty to thirty five yards out to the left of the goal sean johnson's right he's at the front post now try to set up a two day on wall in in that wall one of the players it out walls fivethree backseat morale as you might as well not even have it in their here's clutched it over the ball runs over it and the shot has taken and it goes right into the a secondary wall which was set up a little bit inside the area and here's a counter attack with jonathan lewis let's see what he could do this pace he's working one b one at the back against tie laura adams slides it across the morale is one more now and here's the first time and if mrs wide it was ben sweat who came in late morale is with great vision checked his shoulder and founder of freerunning ben sweaters firsttime shot with his favoured left just missed then switches poll that across his box his body just a little bit too much just miss the far post leftback's don't get chances to get that good looks at the goal then had a great career itself florida plane for george key for four years starter we cueto of numerous times at st john's it always was just a a professional competent player a trial is this year for new york city plates the tampa bay rowdies of the north american soccer league in both two thousand fifteen and sixteen though was particularly thrilled about the signing okay workmanlike player could play the middle at the back and play why but he is a proven to be consistent effective and certainly it a portent cog in the success of the thirdplace new york city fc all pounding around in the area now at the.

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