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But what i had to do what was best for my son because the progression his little stomach was black and blue from where his insights from where his vows started rupturing i didn't want to see we're gonna have a digestive system does a baby develop in in utera when mom's getting high meth think it's pretty good i don't think so how will we holding them accountable for the actions that take took place for my child's death who's gonna hold you accountable for getting high on meth meth addict and having a baby who should hold you akaba yeah god exactly right do you want your maker to be high on meth when he judges you you know what i mean joe your maker be high end on meth when he when he cares for you pays attention to you then why in god's name would you do that to your child yeah so it's possible that she was mistreated by the job but i don't believe her i don't believe it at all eight hundred two eight eight wbz i don't buy her story at all at all in fact it makes me mad because she is just like he's absolutely like the folks who are lying about racism and racial profiling and get caught you know same thing look i read right through it and like yeah right get outta here eight hundred two eight eight wbz ap's our number that's eight hundred to eight eight nine two two seven now another one of my favorite stories is that came out over the weekend since we you know we spent the first hour and forty five minutes talking about exclusively about moral day which was awesome but is this woman and her husband who just moved into a preston hollow house and i mean we're talking this top food chain y'all we we know preston hollow i mean president bush lives there.

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