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My guest, former park ranger who retired several years ago two thousand twelve but Wong excuse me. Seven years ago won't take off the uniform and throw away the hat because he volunteers for the National Park Service. Yes. But I don't have to wear the uniform or that. But you do we know I don't we have other volunteer on the ship. We have our own sort of clothing. Okay. Which says US has Cassin young on it. And that's another thing. So. There's no there's no uniform believe me the uniform was sometimes a bother something to wear real hot in the summer. Yeah. Yeah. And I will be at the Cassin young tomorrow. Unless the entire weather forecast changes between now within I did say that the most likely, well, the we are rule the volunteers rule for whether it is time of year is fifty and sunny at least. Otherwise, you don't have any people showing up. So. Okay. All right. Let's go back to the scenario. I suggested. Okay. Not taking the kids or maybe put the kids in a separate plane. Something good like that. Yes. Now, this is a trip to a national park and you picked the biggest in the baddest Yellowstone. So you're gonna go bad. You might go bad all the way. Well, I'm gonna let you pick it up from where he left off. But you've heard this. And I've heard this, and I've watched National Geographic do shows on this. That Yellowstone is supposed to have a volcanic eruption within one hundred years. One hundred is grows by like that. Don't sound so cavalier about that. It's going to blow up, okay? And if it does most of us are going with it. Defying most of us. Well, anybody probably within a couple of hundred miles of north west Wyoming. Okay. This is a this is a big one. This is the big one probably not as big as the earthquake in California. But if suddenly every everything at Yellowstone decides to explode, you're going to know about it. Meaning will be in all the papers. Oh, yeah. Yeah. If there are any papers left, okay. So it's better to go sooner than later. Yeah. It's the it's the most volcanic area on earth. Really? And that contributes to the geysers now. Well, yeah, Ben geysers are really leading the steam that is building up underneath the ground out of the ground. So it doesn't happen. Quickly. All right. It's it is a big deal at some point. It may become a big deal right now. I wouldn't worry about it. Now finish telling me about a getting there. And what to do now that you have arrived. Okay. First of all blitz. Big our family of four and this saying that they're going. Well, there is so much information on the internet now about any possible thing, you could imagine a question push. You can get a hold of the park. If you have a very specific question and ask them about it. So you should be well prepared. There's no reason not to be well prepared. If you haven't got a computer, there are certainly looks all around telling you about national parks what they have to offer. What you have to do in terms of are you camping? Are you staying in the park at one of the hotels? Are you staying outside the park at one of the hotels at a nearby town. I mean, there's all kinds of questions you have to ask yourself. Do you want to do this? Or do you want to do that? And that's where you start, you know, couple of months several months before you. Actually, go. Those are the questions that need to be answered. You can't be making these decisions and you're flying in the plane to someplace when is the best time. You've got twelve months a year give me range between what two months if you're going to go would be the wiser choice to go. Well, if you have children you're going to have to go between late June in the beginning of August, mid August. Okay. I gotta get back to school. Now, if you're traveling if you're a retired person or you don't you're not lugging children along then you can go from. Late may until mid September. Almost the beginning of October. It depends on the park where the park is is is it going to snow in the park at any moment after September thirtieth. Well, it could happen. I've been in Yellowstone wanted Snowden it wasn't October. So you you you never know when stuff like that is going to happen. But of course, if you wanna make your vacation nation, smooth, and you try and avoid that stuff. If you don't care about it, if you'd like to be there when it snows then pay going going Tober, but the thing is if you do that, then most likely you're not going to be camping because it's too cold and some of the priests places to stay within the park are closing. They don't stay open all year, there are six different places in Yellowstone to stay six different areas of the park. Six different big hotels. And so those are your choices, and they do fill up mean four million people are going to be there every year at some point. Just count them up. So you have to be aware of that. Now, if you're going to go in July when most of those people are going to be there, then you run the risk of either not getting exactly what you want or you should make arrangements way way in advance. It's it's very practical to you know, for to to think of it that way if you're going to go and everybody else is going in you have to make arrangements. If you're going to go on the edges, then do you don't need to be that that careful. Now, let's talk about the roughing it concept. You bring your tent to sleeping bags and your Coleman lamp and all these other gear things because you don't want to stay in a hotel motel. Yeah. It is. And it is cheaper. Yeah. That would be cheaper. But. The animals are out there. They are. And and they live there and wolves bears etcetera. They smell food and other things. So well one hundred hundred. Yeah. Well. A mile away several miles. They can tell that you've got goodies. Yes. Well, that's why the Rangers are very strict about what they allow campers to do with food and how to store it and everything like that. And if you're a regular camper, then, you know, pretty much what you have to do with the Rangers will tell you what you do have to do in order to make sure that you're safe tell tell me what a ranger would tell. A tourist. Camp. Yes. Well, probably did have to tie their food up in bags and hang it from trees. That's what people usually do or keep it in in coolers in the automobiles. They also do that. Although bears have been known to. Automobiles? Yes. But also the bears the bears pretty much know where they can go where they can't go. And they are usually scared off by one means or another the usually. But every once in a while you've got Yogi coming down doesn't care looking looking for a picnic basket a picnic basket. And and you have a problem you do not feed any animals. All right. Here's my question. You said tied up in trees bears can climb trees. Yes. They can. So how does that help you? Well, it it it doesn't maybe not keep it away from the bears. It keeps it away from most others the smaller end of the wolves aren't gonna be climbing up. No, no, they they don't like that sort of thing. All right. The raccoons can. Yeah. But then they'd have to climb out on a limb and everything they don't like that either. All right in carry something down with their mouth, right? You'd have been a font of knowledge. Now, suppose you wanna do it? The way the way you do it. Well, not the way I do it because I wouldn't do it. Way. I'd do it. But glam ping. Have you heard of glancing? No, that's a fashionable way of roughing it. Black and white TV. No. But you do bring a TV you do bring electrical. Items you bring a generator so you tower that electrical item. And that is a whole new concept of the twenty first century to go Lamping. Well, some some of the parks have electrical outlets at the at their campgrounds. Others don't have them at all they're campgrounds. So that would be a thing that you would have to ask call the park and find out what they do before you make your reservation for the campground, and and believe me, you would have to make reservations for the campground. All right. I'm gonna stop you here because it's time for us hit. Yes. It is. After the news. We will come back to you, sir. Ranger Richard Rancho ex ranger is CBS CBS news update in the nation's capital. Everyone is talking about the details from the special counsel's report that may be released on Sunday by attorney general William bar CBS has to co Killian says there's been crickets from the White House. The White.

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