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You a fortune this is the norman goldman show hooton said good things about me hell is on the way fierce independence intelligent dialogue and passionate logic is right here right now russia if you're listening a business genius he is not this is the dispenser of fairness this is the unfiltered truth this is norman goldman show in these first two hours so heaven knows what's available for us in our number three but i do thank you for being part of the team were justice is served everyday is the norman goldman show we've covered a lot of law including a lawyer correcting me on a senior legal analyst point in the last hour that was very helpful and thank you steven illinois what we've covered a lot of politics today today is tax day except it's not the internal revenue service had some computer problems so people who are filing electronically at least get to file tomorrow i'm not sure about the people filing paper wise do please check on the internet there are people run to the post office you know the gift that that the postmark on the thing before midnight near a post offices open but the irs accepts electronic filing i trust you know that and they had a big problem with the computers today so the electronic filers at a very minimum get till tomorrow so that there's there's that nice news charlie dent they republican is quitting the house of representatives early and that leaves open a very interesting scenario for a house special election in pennsylvania check the first hour free and commercial free if you missed any event and we did a lot of senior legal analyst time there in that second hour in fact when i went back and looked i spoke four three quarters of the hour now that was but in my defense they're were actually kind of three senior legal analyst topics so i took a most of the second hour with senior legal analyst time and that makes a commercial free in the pike almost said coffee but it makes a commercial free in.

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