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Which Granted, they make great open World games. Why not? You know what the game like that Doobie Soft has done. That's a big open world game that people would recognize. Okay. Since Creed far cry games, they do this well, yes, Star Wars version of far cried. I just speaking my language, so this will be under the Lucasfilm Games. Branding you don't have that little logo on the front of it. Despite being made by a movie star will be soft developer Lucasfilm games where they're published. Landing. Yeah, and specifically, this is the studio that did the division that as the part of Be soft that does the division games of Tom Classes get interesting now, Do we know if this Star Wars game is supposed to be like massively multi player in any way like the division again, so little has been revealed about it? We know it's going to be an open world game, which is Ambitious for Star Wars when you have many worlds that you could take place on. It's a kind of game that I'm kind of excited for. I really hope you don't play the jet. I in it, Which is the first time I've ever said those words ever. I really want this to be like scum and villainy. Bounty hunters. You know if you want to place a man DeLorean. Yeah, if you're the company that does the division who also has forced powers. Okay, Well, you have to remember. Not only is this is a Star Wars announcement. This is all of the Lucas film property. So that means the other game that's been teased that has finally been confirmed by them is a new Indiana Jones cheese coming out of Bethesda and machine games, who in the past machine games specifically have made all of the Wolfenstein games, which means I think we can all rest easy knowing that there's gonna be lots of Nazi killing. That's what I was about to say, like Wow, what is their obsession with killing Nazis? And then I was.

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