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Doing customer support and service. Right? So in the we do it stage, it's a lot of documentation. It's a lot of training. It's a log Teaching and that's what entrepreneurs get stuck at that's where the hard work is. But at some point you cross that million dollar Mark you go from we do it to a they do it and then they don't do it stage. Your team is primarily doing the production for you. It's like finding that it's like that stage of Hustler to CEO. Yeah, because I think that's how I see it. I'm just like, you know cuz been on the hustle and bustle for a couple of years and it's just like wage. All right, I can't imagine somebody else doing this like in a sense of I have no idea how the hell the communicate what's in my head and put it on paper or in video or whatever and get them to understand it. Yeah. Yeah. So I think that's like the biggest hard part and so with with you and I I love your journey and like I said, I kind of read majority of your book. I haven't gotten all the way through it. But I love what I ran. I just think you're revealing a lot of stuff to those people that I think are going from that hustle and bustle to I need to become CEO. I need to become a like I need to they need help transitioning from the idea that we do it. They do it if the process, you know for the select audience. I want to dive into your real estate Journey a little bit. I think you're a background. To real estate will really help understand. We have a good mix of I also slick talkers out. There we have in the US 75% is my listenership in the US and then out of that song 5% in the US majority in California, and we're seeing a lot of these people are in restaurants hotels and short-term rentals, which you've had experience with and we've talked about so how long um when you were in your real estate business flipping selling doing whatever. Um, how did you leverage virtual assistants or virtual, you know helpers and cents with that and creamer do for a business? Yeah, my first step as a real estate guy was to get rid of all the paperwork I last night. I actually made an offer on a property and it's funny because there's like thirty seven pages just to write an offer, you know, and as a real estate broker, it's a little insane and and I was like cuz it's not my normal day-to-day business anymore, but I'm still licensed broker still a khong. Like they're still developer and so every once awhile, I see something on the market and I'm like, oh, I gotta go get it, you know and last night reminded me how much I hated doing the paperwork. Like I'm talking about page after page of just documents and and you know, you gotta fill in this and then you gotta look up this number and so my first Outsourcing kind of Soiree into the virtual assistant world was just 100% off leaving myself of all data all documents my CRM anything that was administrative in nature. I gave it away. And the reality is, you know, a gorilla state Hospitality short-term rentals restaurants..

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