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Damn straight. i'm not surprised. It is being reported that alastair black has requested to go to back to annex t and he's request has been denied fucking trip houser black capture. Not seeing him. After being traded to smackdown for weeks on end month maybe now no sign of our black and his request to go back to annex t has been denied. Read you think this would help alister black. Do you think annex. Tease the where. He is the place he really should go. And do you think he should fucking me. The company this point five. We'll talk about his wife being fired so a multiple bats main event of the week. What are your thoughts on. Ouster black right now and w is a stupid fucking angle that they using them for you know. I had this conversation with the people who the top two guys. She'll be amid a veterans anybody's not. I mean a veteran. No everybody undertaker even said it. This week he goes. You know most of these current w champion shouldn't even be shouldn't have been champion shoe but the other ideas like look. Let's let's thickness consideration the best part about. It is put him in storylines. That means something when you watch the walking dead. When you watch the blacklist when you watch fucking goofy shows guys watch grey's anatomy or general hospital. Yeah whatever not. Everybody is the main story but their story still to resume it's still resonates for them right and in wrestling not everybody's chasing a championships not everybody's getting that data brass ring but put them in storylines that means something. Roughly fans want to see alicea black in matches. They wanna see him wrestle absolutely. But you don't wanna see him wrestling goofy side of matches with fucking callisto. You want to see him and legit matches even if it's not going over putting someone overwhelming case. Maybe you're not using them effectively. Put him in. Acts t t right now. They hindering Is out balas out. How how much would you guys wanna see. Fuck him Also black and ballard for championship. run. I mean seriously that these markets how much i wanna see fucking Alicea black versus. Pete done again. Like those marquee matchups absolutely there so many opportunities with these guys in the reason why he probably actually requests down was like listen. You release my wife or you're going to so maybe i don't wanna be on a roaring. Hsa maybe i don't want to be on the road so much. Maybe i could just be because of the home and be and my wife absolutely ideas. i'm also like can i wrestle. Honestly put me somewhere. I'm going to be able to wrestle but you know what. Let me stop you. This will be on twitch. Yeah it is going to be me. I'm just going to be saying here. That's a new way of fire. That is making me out of video game play or whatever the case may be just sit there. You know what you're gonna watch watch. Wwe shit page did just patriots like her batches of chile and let them kick you off. Looked at fuck it so yeah man also black. We'll see the future soon. Because i son you tight to. Yeah you tidy narrowing hundred bucks dickhead. Bread W games livestream happened. This week we are all waiting for it. We were anticipating the the the the announcement of aws games And wow was it interesting. kenny omega. And everyone dressing. Like steve jobs and Which i thought was pretty cool. But corny at the same time they announced a three games not to now won three games. They announced the main game which is going to be like. Nba jam nfl. Blitz and kenny griffey juniors homerun derby saying that it is The director of no mercy is a part of the game. And it's going to have a retro feel. The second game is a w general manager which below be mobile and a third game is going to be a card game on mobile called double or nothing. The card games casino game the slot machines and could play fucking on blackjack and all that shit. Fuck oh man. that's what it is. It's a casino game Spot but Let's see let's go here It was a video of. Yeah awa casino double or nothing was in house for mobile Omega in the main game is not even close to being done. but we'll be done by You by jacks jukes. I've heard the company that uk's uk's who who made smackdown vs raw in the past and The director of no mercy so they promised a more simpler a game like he controls with kind of modern A moderate remastered mercy with awa wrestlers. Right what do you think about this announcement. I know you're all about that. No i'm big on. I'm big on. I love the no mercy fucking. Www revenge look. That's that's my shit right that those are probably the best games that came out on on people were not to graphics but early so revamped you know why because we don't it's sixty four graphics. They're blocked anymore. They're just they're they're bulky characters that's what it is. It's funny because they did the meaning of homeboy now. Did the monks on his neck. Like a fucking tunica. Yeah yeah Jericho shit looked like he. Looks like mr crabs out of the show ashes jokes unless it was hilarious. But it's sure that. I don't know why you're not happy with the graphics are graphics update minded. I didn't care i'm more. I'm more on the level of what the the game is going to be. A if you're gonna tell me. And the the the no mercy style where they have the arche storylines in your career. That's fun yeah I also want to see what they do with The creator creator wrestlers stuff that they do that absolutely. I mean i'm excited. I'm on board for that shit. Yeah for the general managers on mobile. No no no no no i. I'm kinda into to work out of work. I'm kind of interested in that. I want to see how that is for sure that plays out for sure. The weird thing is casino one. Which is it's weird in a sense that i would never have thought that they reached that they think they can reach that audience. So big fucking payday. That's where they're gonna get their money. That's the gotcha. Game catch the kashmir. That's where people will pay money for that job loads of money with that. But here's my thing All elite has not only yeah already has not grabbed a outside audience. Everybody in the audience has been loyal fans from the jump. Yeah lawyer loyalists. They've been loyalist from the beginning for game like that. You have to get somebody like my mother. My mother is a big fucking casino playing game and her as fucking me like a dollar two dollars here to get more coins money for sure that you're not getting you're not old real money from old table. Top games like the billy the portable games people the older talent toilet. Yeah like blackjack and shit like that games right now. That's what that's going to be like off clash and it's all about coins and rubies and it.

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