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Had my eyes on the title since when I first walked in. But you know, we worked our butt off to get rid of you. Filipowski in duke guard Jeremy roach combined for 43 points with Philip house he also pulling down 9 rebounds. Philips was named tournament MVP. Dude coach John shard becomes the first ever to win the ACC tournament as both a player and as a head coach. I'm Dennis Cox. Jonathan quick notched his first golden knight shut out by stopping 34 shots in a four zero victory over the hurricanes. Quick as three and O since joining Vegas from Columbus at the trade deadline. It was his second shout out of the season and 58th of his career. GoldenEye's defenseman Nick Hague. Of course he obviously thought that was pretty outstanding. So wanted to break down, he was there first. Jonathan Marshall opened the scoring with his 20th goal, four O three into the game. Raleigh Smith Paul cotter and Bret howden also tallied in the night's 5th win in 6 games. Frederick Anderson made 20 saves for the canes who had won four in a row. I'm Dave fairy. The capitals move closer to a playoff birth with a 5 one win over the islanders. Dylan Strowman, TJ oshi got the caps going with first period goals. Obviously we're in tough right now, but only four or 5 points back and play down a couple more times. So gotta take care of business and we'll get the job done. Anthony mantha nicked out or Nicholas backstrom added third period goals as Washington improved to 4.2 and one since a 7 game losing streak. Darcy Kemper needed to make just 17 saves, allowing only a goal by Pierre Engvall. Washington is within 5 points of the aisles and penguins for the two Eastern Conference wildcard births. New York had won three in a row. I'm Dave ferry. AP news for this Sunday March 12th. I'm Jackie Quinn. We've all stayed souls. San Diego lifeguard chief James gartland on KG TV says they spent the night searching for possible survivors. After a 9-1-1 call from a woman who said her boat had capsized, along with a second vessel, when rescuers arrived 8 were dead. 15 others were unaccounted for. We did

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