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The be you bridge and the pike westbound crawling out past Newton corner out after one twenty eight into NATO because well my can't WBZ's traffic on the three and we will see the clouds for the rest of the bill clear a little bit over night still some rain showers are a possibility although the severe weather backing from earlier has a pretty much pulled away will have temperatures tonight in the low seventies it'll be no where near as hot tomorrow less humid to a mix of clouds and sun and high of eighty four much more comfortable sixty eight and then by Friday it's sunny to partly cloudy low humidity a high of eighty one seventy five right now and this is WBZ newsradio ten thirties with the news watch never stop good afternoon I've been Parker here are the five things you need to know at five forty five hundred first of Michael burst at Logan airport from a line of storms that rockstar area this afternoon more than twelve thousand customers around the state are still without power if forced to lock the emissions of first time drunk drivers installed as the session on Beacon Hill winds down fortune Cambridge to ban the use of facial recognition technology by city department a little more than two hours now till the second night of this week's round of democratic presidential debates takes place in Detroit senators from both sides of the aisle pummeling the FAA over the way it handled the Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets in the Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing Wednesday FAA officials defended the agency's process of certifying Boeing seven thirty seven MAX jets the jet has been grounded worldwide since mid March following the crash of an Ethiopian airlines flight the second accident involving a seven thirty seven MAX within five months senator Joe Manchin a Democrat and a pilot suggesting away for Boeing to regain the public's trust every Boeing officials should be flying that plane for one month to make sure that we have the confidence for passenger to get back on that plane Motoko surround D. ABC news Washington a military F. eighteen fighter jet crashes in Death Valley California injuring.

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