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At this is where Orlando turns first for news weather and traffic every day on my way to work and on my way home from work news ninety six point five W. D. B. good morning I'm Rikki Tito three soldiers from the Minnesota National Guard died when their Black Hawk helicopter goes down to the meat its test flight of governor Tim walls the governor has a citizen of this great state as a veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard my heart breaks for the families the friends and fellow soldiers the helicopter issue to meet eight minutes after take off Thursday afternoon the wreckage was found in our and a half later on a farm near Saint cloud Minnesota Virginia man is charged with attempting to provide material support to ISIS prosecutors say thirty year old Romeo laying horde wanted to make a video to show supporters of the terror group how to build a deadly explosive undercover FBI agent help produce the video but the chemical formula used in it would not cause an explosion in court to get twenty years in prison we hear about a lot of singles here in Florida from time to time will a California woman will now get millions of dollars after she and her car were swallowed by one it happened back in twenty seventeen it had been raining along same laurel canyon Boulevard a woman was driving and then she found herself deep in a sinkhole the street gave way to a river about ten feet beneath the pavement her whole car went in and another teetered above her before it fell and now the city of LA will pay OR four million dollars as part of a settlement she says she suffered a concussion and blurred vision Alex stone ABC news Los Angeles sighing sorry Alex by fifty here news ninety six point five W. D. B. O. we have your weather and traffic every six minutes in the morning temperatures will climb to near normal or even slightly above average temperatures today with partly cloudy skies in Orlando will get to seventy seven degrees in the mid and upper seventies they stick around this weekend Saturday mostly cloudy with a high of seventy six and on Sunday continuing mostly cloudy skies a twenty percent chance for isolated showers really favoring our beaches with a high of so any nine early next week it gets even warmer on Monday partly cloudy with a high of eighty in on Tuesday mostly cloudy skies with a high of eighty two from channel nine Eyewitness News I'm meteorologist Cassandra cramming the five day forecast brought to you by U. S. heating and air conditioning I'm seeing forty seven degrees and University Park I'm seeing.

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