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That academy's goal will be to give kids as much hands on learning as possible teachers we'll also get new training from the you teach institute at the ut campus here in austin so it's now up to the texas education agency to approve this partnership and win and if that happens mendez could get two more years to make good patrick osborne newsradio klbj third say that closed their investigation of the austin package bomber fbi special agent in charge christopher comb says they're not sure if they'll ever release the video that was made by the bomber we are concerned that it could inspire other people to do other acts the subject in the audio confession says a number of statements that concern us and we just don't want that to live forever on the internet wells branch parkway is next in line for improvements the idea is to increase traffic flow reduce congestion and improve safety the transportation and natural resources department wanted that two and a half years ago and now they're gonna get it the firm sc three beat out thirty nine others to win the job they'll study the traffic for about eight months and then make recommendations on roadway drainage and park projects the cost for the study just under eighty nine thousand dollars eric like newsradio klbj seven oh four here's hostage on time traffic on klbj with melinda brandt we're seeing more congestion filling on the freeways and over on mopeds southbound near stack we've got a rock that's blocking the left and centre lane traffic is now backed up to do vall they just cleared a motorcycle wreck from lamar south on at one eighty three it's now in a parking lot but you still have some plan lights that may slow you down in the area your next report's at seven fifteen i'm melinda brandt with us today will turn out mostly sunny it's going to be a nice day we'll have a high of seventy three degrees from the weather center no keeping it simple is usually a good thing and when it comes to rewards programs keeping it simple is always a good thing that's why we made the napa rewards program.

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