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Support now on with the show. Hey guys this is krista from the moratorium and do you like grizzly gore mysteries. Of course you do. That is why. I suggest you subscribe to my blog. Suspended animation dormitories waiting to be told we had the moratorium offer a number of tales from ax men running around new orleans to phantoms and sex are cana- and if you're feeling especially generous head over to our patriots where for just a couple of bucks a month you can help the moratorium grow and that would be pretty kick ass and remember long. Vhs let's see what we got here. Insane action scenes check parking garage. Repealing check gang on gang violence. Big check cemetery martial arts montage hell yes and overuse of mel nipple. Well we've got a lot to talk about on that subject cue. The music and in three two one already forgot it. I don't think i've insane match made in a bathroom. Just floating into the void Anyway all i was going to say was. I think it's ironic. That cher was in a movie called mask because now her face has become like a wax. Just flat white she. I didn't realize she was seventy five. And because i haven't wanted to look at her in twenty years or i've never now remember when she got her but tattooed and like hump a cannon on like a navy like a battleship than an aerosmith album cover. Yeah that too. I'm more nasal today than i have been. Because i was out in the yard. Let's have an allergy corner. Every time we why just would tell everybody white fat like this. A mob ma. I don't think i could go to school at bob. You push the intendo closer to give me some tang can you. Can you intend to be tagged. Who asking your mom for tang. Sounds really odd. Who also i don't think tang is. Does it have vitamin c in it or is it just tastes like it's or had a sticker that said it had vitamin c on it. Yeah i was watching a few trailers because some some of these newer trailers are better than the movie. You're watching this week on my third note on the page is my god. Why why have i done this. What am i. it's a good laugh. I'll tell you oh my god. I laughed out loud at once. seen earlier. wolf we'll get to the. Oh my god it just caught me off guard. I'm glad i wasn't drinking just absorbed absurd that it made me laugh I also started watching the manson family. I i have not seen one second of that. I watched about ten seconds of it..

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