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When we see something like that happen. I haven't been on the floor. Someone had a gruesome injury like that. However as Daimler reference. I remember the Paul George injury happening. I remember the Shaun Livingston happening as a member of the clippers those are the two to stand out, and it's really unfortunate for Portland team or put themselves in a really good playoff position for what it's worth we see Paul George now a couple years removed from that the bones heal. That's what he has. He has fractures in the leg the bones heal. They come back stronger in the end and Georgia's now playing better than ever. So we certainly hope for that for nook. I was in the. In for Shaun Livingston that was covering the clippers for Fox Sports west at the time. For the NBA. And I just remember that this is a young man who had such a bright career ahead of them. Now, look what he's able to do. I mean, even this late stage in the game with the warriors. He's come back. He's reinvented himself. And that was as gruesome as an injury. I think I've ever seen in person. So we certainly hope it which ultimately will come back. But now, let's take it to the season where he certainly isn't going to play for them again this year, and they're a team no one pays attention to. But they're actually very good. How would you describe what this laws means for them? I'll give you another team. Also that people don't pay attention to the Indiana Pacers ends up happening is you look at the conference standings in the east in the west. Both of those teams will be in four five matches Indiana's going to be without their best player. Victor Deepal Portland is going to be without their best interior player in nurtured. Fortunately, that may put both of those squads positions to where they may not be able to advance because those losses are really going to be significant blazers got swept out of the first round a year ago. What do you make of the loss of of their big, man? Well, we'll get hurt some more at the offense. The numbers will. Tell you to hurt some more at the offensive end than it does the defensive end is thirty percent higher rate at the offense of and then ease of the defensive end floor. So that doesn't concern me as much based on the fact that I think there's other guys that can step up with their offense, but his size his stature everything that you'd ask for a playoff series. It is going to be a detriment for this team. They need CJ McCollum to come back. He's been out with a spray knee. He's do back sometime hopefully later on this week. And this is why you bow genus cantor from the knit. Yeah. He's going to come into supplemented out of that office in every bonding as world tough moment to watch. So obviously, first and foremost, you wish him the best as he will go through the recovery here. And again, I think there is evidence to suggest that ultimately he will come back, and we'll be generally able to play. And maybe as good as ever now on a show you something else that happened because it was weird the sun jazz sons atrocious, and maybe never worse. They've last night. But Devon Booker remarkably at twenty seven points in the first half these are third quarter highlights he would score twenty points in the quarter. But his team was down twenty and twenty five points. Is this is going along really dubious to see a guy score fifty nine points. Yet is team lose by thirty points. Overall. No one else and his team had double digits the next highest score was Andrei who would score nine. Now. I want to show you what happens in the fourth quarter here. Right. So the Suns are down twenty three and that's Booker going over fifty Trumper. There gave him fifty one later. He's got fifty three points. These drive in score. Ultimately, he's going to go to the bench with fifty six points with just over five minutes remaining. Okay. No way. He's coming back. Just under three minutes. They put him back in with fifty six. He'd make a foul shot to get the fifty seven make that to get to fifty nine. So watch what happened to your twenty seconds to go. Keep an eye on Booker off of free throw. The jazz are going to commit a foul away from him. They're going to foul the Anthony Melton..

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