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This movie ed sarah rock rolling made like a handful of news at that point this was like ninety ninety ninety nine or two thousand and um i never forgot the he's so proud of his son it doesn't bother me at all that's how this goes like of course you're not going to agree with everything i say i think sanhua ball is fine in this movie that is the worst category and i wish him well i i i don't i i'd so don't care who wins supporting actor with all due respect all five very fine nominee and also hammer a does it bother me at all i really i really view yep it doesn't it doesn't bother i think it's graham i mean i i'm i wanna see send rooting for san marco but as a as a career as a as an actor i'm really fond of him it's time new method influence now i it it's fine and you i i the problem's not him the problem for me it's it's just it's a bad nubia agree with leslie my central frustration with the arguments over the film have have been that for for those of us who hadn't been fond of it we've sort have been written off as just just raising political or social objections but this at a level of form i don't care about this movie if it were better moody formally that you're still thorny and i were still battling against it i would i would still say that there were problems but but i would i would attribute them to taking on a difficult question and the difficulty of taking on its ipo question and taking it seriously and i just don't think that this movie is worth that conversation which is why i'm frustrated that like everyone everyone in my life to argue about this movie no matter what side earn because i'm just like i really i wish i could quit this meeting you know i this is i mean again this is i mean comparing it to crash has a really great idea because crash.

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