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Was you know when johnson was with them because the receiver they have now they are nice but they need a guy that's a superstar the draws attention because golden tate a great year laughter struggling there's get open you know there's a lot in going to happen and and you know i think that it's going to be thing is going to be a knock down drag out and i think that the the right you come away with a pretty easy victory when it's all said and done and then does again at the night game you know i i liked my best but the weakest pittsburgh before i heard that the that luck was out with a concussion so obviously that comes up the been able because the game went from two to nine so obviously i have no action or anders in this game it's it's a good bring for a for pittsburgh in a bad break for indianapolis what he is about the game yeah you know the disappointing ending night game and i know these both the theme and they're not very good but you know like that before their bullpen playoff races colts a one game back and pelicans steelers are i think one game back for the ravens and here to that that the big blow to the colts i mean scott told green you know they can a guy really hasn't played in all in the nfl like you can i like pittsburgh i'm alive before that and the fact that you know it's offered you're going to be led by scott told lean i make and it could be an ugly game i mean nine point zero and a lot of points specially on the road but you know if it's not big eight how low you get a played i mean frank gore but it's always been magnificent but here and i don't know if he can carrying an offense by himself that specially wine unappealing to keenan on him i mean that could be game that figured a lot of screen passes with you i helmet donte moncrief every night i feel like they could be almost the only way the colts get victory in that game but i mean i feel like the five and five it's been a very big disappointment this year but you know they're still fight for playoff life i.

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