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For sports now with Mike rice talking about your Broncos and Chargers this weekend at the start of the season the right way yeah no doubt a rose a good when they beat the flames at Pepsi center five to three the final that offense came out smoking in front of the home crowd Mikko Rantanen Joonas Donskoi each scored a couple of goals defense wasn't great but they can certainly learn some lessons while winning head coach jeered Bednar through it all will take the W. there's a lot to like go to the game for me and then there's some things that are well I wasn't real happy with I thought great start energize building guys were fired up and ready to go we were on talks on for check were making plays did a real nice job of getting in and out of our zone and you know limiting their shots and scoring chance in the first and we were getting a bunch we need to push was gonna come from them I didn't think we handle the great the second thing for details with that good abscess Minnesota on Saturday Broncos again. try for that first win they'll be at the Chargers on Sunday they've been in every game losing on the final play twice as a team we have to learn how to finish I guess and that's what we have to that's what we're going to I'm pretty sure we get another situation like that I'm only marking it down right now we will be able to hold about four and let's hope so that's Broncos cornerback Chris Harris junior Broncos Chargers coverage starts Sunday morning at eight on KO a kick off a two oh five Thursday night football Seahawks hold off the rams thirty to twenty nine college football weekend in boulder it'll be see you versus Arizona our coverage starts tomorrow twelve thirty on K. away see if she was home to San Diego state airforce goes to navy northern Colorado plays at northern Arizona baseball than actually divisional series started Lee yesterday cardinals over the Braves seven six Dodgers beat the nats six nothing all four series will have a game today and in lacrosse the major league.

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