Nece, Rachel, LOB discussed on Our National Conversation About Conversations About Race


Lob songs who chunk t water with whatever your flavor is so i am sure i jokingly have referred to something as simplistic as why people broke it you fix it but realistically i don't know that i ever fully wanted to outsource this to to the beneficiaries of it means earns responsibilities everyone's responsibility to make the world a better place as best they can and everyone should of course during the cantered to fix racism in his country as far as like whose capable of doing that yes white a lot of why people were unwilling to dismantle the thing that advantage them but a lot will you just don't even they don't know what they don't know because the whole system is designed to run on you know it runs on wide ignorance as much as it runs on black subjugation and marginalisation because you have to keep everyone ignorant of the the the truth what's happening in order to get them to go along with it in a lot of ways and so you know i set out to write my book and i didn't learn anything from white people i went around the and i interviewed by people and they told me their stories and they told me they educated meet yeah you know i didn't really uh i can't say that i wanted from white people so you know as far as whose responsibility everyone who's got the the tools to to started the process you know that ultimately unfound fairly i think is going to fall in people cowered disproportionate amount of time that they had all the tools the knowledge i guess the consciousness the woke nece to know what needs to jeff heal and the ad the worry here i only have one thing which is that you know you talk about why people are going to destroy their own house in it's one of my problem with the whole privilege formulation is that i don't know why racial justice advocates insist on songs zerosum game i don't know why it's constantly sold as taking away from why people to get people cower i think i don't think life zero sum game i don't think that necessarily on either rachel does his advocates are selling it that way but that's what privilege says we've real we'll.

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