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Months down the road one in the neighborhood was hurt at least ten people been killed 1500 buildings including many homes have burned down in a bunch of wildfires in northern california most of these fires have limited or no containment these are very rapidly burning fires how far director kim lots of santa rose has been hit particularly hard earning department stores of you know burning box stores impacting hospitals fourteen fires have been burning across eight counties pimlot says the folks has been getting people out of threatened buildings to save their lives rather than fighting the fires the trump administration's planning on getting rid of a clean power plan put in place by president obama designed to cut down on global warming epa administrator scott pruitt says he's going to sign to date withdraw from the clean power plan we've made tremendous progress as a country without them mandate you know without the getting the step in and insane thou shalt be these things and pick winners and losers protest help put out a new set of rules now that the socalled war on coal is over he be as expected declared the plan exceeded of federal law by setting emission standards power plants couldn't reasonably meet the trump administration's decision to control to cancel some clean engine rules will have little impact here in california governor brown says the state clean energy plan has already gone far beyond the federal goals justscrapped by the administration the governor says he signed a law to force california to reduce all emissions to below ninety ninety levels by 2030 the latest state electricity reports show the only coalgenerated power is being imported from plant in other states and it's a small amount each year the governor says the trump administration's decision two hundred rounds through the door at hotel security guard he's whose compost then shot at the crowd below compost had showed up at the scene after an larma went off in another room bottles as paddock may have intentionally fired a fuel tanks at the local airport that were hit a moment in pensacola florida has been sentenced to three years probation for king a woman's carter restaurant the car kear is the wife of.

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