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This is the Greg Bedard Patriots podcast with Nick cattles. Greg we actually have some news this morning. Yes, we have off-season Patriots news. Let's get it started right now a trade involving the Raiders and the Patriots the the Patriots send a fifth-round pick to the Raiders for Trent Brown and a seventh-round pick. I believe the seventh round pick is in twenty twenty-two whatever. Both of them are. Both of them are so you've got a you've got a late pick swap here in the Patriots have reworked the contract of Trent Brown. It's now going to be a one-year deal up to and that's a key phrase here up to 11 million dollars and I saw your reaction the email and your reaction to the straightest man. Yeah, Nick. Let me just say my my takes evolving and I think it's going to need to evolve for every month everybody and the first of all before I get going if I sound a little choppy or send a little bit weird. I am a little bit under the weather, but you know, I'm just that tough now I'm going to show up. All down but he's going to let it rip. I heard Trent Brown was coming back. We know you know that guy doesn't you know, fake injuries or anything like that to take, you know any time off with the Niners of the Raiders or anything off 45 seconds in and throwing bombs. So so this is going to be an evolving conversation Nick between you and I but let me let me start here. Okay? Yeah, my my initial reaction is you know, okay. Well, where is he playing number one? How is the money structured? All right, if he's a left tackle, what does that mean about Isaiah Wynn wage, if that means that he's playing left tackle for Isaiah Wynn, that means the complete 2018 NFL draft was horrendous. I mean, you know, so so they spent a birth and pick and did they trade up for sorry. My wife is the darts phone's going crazy. This one's just my wife so.

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