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It was not a pretty you know he has told me day after day after day after day that i have done some type of permanent forever damage to this vehicle of his dream car. Yeah wow i really hate the vehicle. Wanna get near. Is we get behind the wheel of will you ever again i question. There is nothing wrong with his car. nothing was done. you didn't have. You had the tank drained and they filled it with gasoline. Now runs fine. I think it runs fine. He says no. It doesn't well. You know why he wants to be able to hold a grudge forever because what you know. Whatever happens this thing from now until the end of time. He's going to be blamed on you. So i think you're only out here is a fire. I think you. I think you need to hire someone to torture is a possible solution. I think the only solution disappear somehow but vehicles one hundred and ten thousand miles on it and it throws a rod. He's going to say ellen. Remember back in nineteen ninety four when you filled it up with diesel. That's what caused it and you won't be able to deny it but now see i am denying it. 'cause y'all are telling me that that i am right. Nothing wrong with that car. He's not gonna listen you know he's not gonna. We're going to lose him as a listener to lose your listeners. Now where we've already lost all the meal listeners. Only hope is to agree with you ellen. Because all we have left is a few females. You're absolutely right. You did no damage to that vehicle and everything he notices which isn't quite right. I'm having trouble your husband around. We talked to him. He talk to us. He's he's a gun kylie getting a room with cleaning isn't gonna get them ellen not talk that's right. We've alienated all males. Let's be honest. let's be. Let's be serious just for a moment. It is possible. There's some small chance that the diesel fuel being crud begin with might have in fact clogged up injectors right it's only one step up from the primordial that's right i mean these will feel it comes out of the ground and just the way it comes out of the ground they put it in a tank so it is. It is not as refined so to speak as we are. I mean as as gasoline is so it is possible that he does. Your husband is indeed. Right so i would get them to put some to maybe cleaned injectors even put some injector cleaner in. There are many additives on the market. That will help to clean the injectors and make them work the weight. And get the spray pattern back to where it should be and that'll help but the more important issue is restoring your your relationship where it was before you started all the suming. It was all right. It must have been all right. He gave her the vehicle to drive so he must have had some degree of trust. You saw husband's problem is he. You sound like a very nice lady. Thanks so that's the only thing that saved your butt because you guys dream. You didn't reckitt whatever we don't even want to use the word damage whatever it has been done to it is easily fixable so all those things to claim the that right you'll injector cleaner injector cleaner. Write you dump it in the gas tank a couple of times maybe. Mix it with a little diesel fuel to. And if that doesn't make him happier then he can take it into the shop and they can actually take the injectors out and clean them. I doubt it will need that. Eleanor has been a joy and pleasure talking to you keep smiling. It's only car. Yeah keep listening to lighten up fake for him. But i will go right. But he wouldn't even talk to us. Who had done for god. It's hundred take a short break right. I can see the gauge on. Your forehead is reading hot. Must be kinda cool..

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