Russia, Jake Tapper, Anthony Scaramucci discussed on Mark Simone


That was going to hurt russia was for fracking me with for military buildup you go down the list of issues there was no possible benefit to russia and having trump become present so that wherever they could come in it it in the movie says they would collude and if they were to collude what would they have done for him new give many money aid in spend any money in the campaign hillary outspent them of zillion to one so wasn't about money what with the collusion b i know you can say well they day of spread fake news that nobody saudi this fake news there was the recent stanford university study on all these twitter bots and all that stuff when they found no evidence of any buddy seeing anything and then it's just a great to it's the democratic loss excuse that's what it is and insist of fake narrative and you get with jake tapper he got in trouble again he was arguing with the anthony scaramucci and at one point he said every single intelligence expert from obama's administration trump's administration agrees it was definitely russia's tampering well that's not true can you could say three agencies signed off on the other seventeen did not sign off on it but there's no this plenty of intelligence experts that don't see any uh any evidence of this collusion or this tampering anywhere will take some calls in a minute eight hundred three two one zero seven ten is the number donald trump for spoke at the boy scouts rally i love when he speaks to kids one of these guys i think this is actually a good thing when he speaks to children even the boy scout rally he always talks in them like they're adults he never does you know of symptoms of president or anybody you know you get in front of a little baby you start talking baby taught the i'd like to the talks them like they're fully grown it was like he's at a rally talking with all the way just that question did president obama ever come to a jamboree who are going to be morale up like like they're though.

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