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The trend the whole different way of having to manually so that they feel like they're being heard and understood and and cared for in Worcester Kristina rex WBZ news in South Korea now a cause for serious concern this says the nation's government is reporting some cases of re infection after a patient has recovered from corona virus ABC news contributor an infectious disease expert Dr Todd aliran weighs in on the matter often will remain positive after they're infected for eight to twenty one days after that doesn't mean they're contagious for that long we're still learning more about this but it's more likely that they're contagious earlier in the course in South Korea is also announcing that it will test any travelers arriving from the U. S. with unemployment numbers skyrocketing more and more people are having trouble paying their rent on time only sixty nine percent of households in the United States paid their rent by April fifth to compare for the same period last year eighty two percent paid and last month eighty one percent paid by March fifth that's according to the national multi family housing council which uses data from more than thirteen million units across the country there are however about forty four million renters in the US and its CBS's Alice gainer reporting all across the country Americans are desperate to return to some sense of normalcy the key factor to getting there is testing nationwide just over two million people have been tested for covert nineteen that is less than one percent of the US population institutes of health just announced it will test ten thousand healthy volunteers to see if they have any bodies for the virus joining researchers across the country including eight USC in the race to safely reopen the country and that's A. B. C.'s will car reporting it's come to light the Julian a song she has two young children and their mother trying to get the wikileaks founder out of prison in the U. K. we get more now on that from ABC news songs lawyer Stella Morris's he fathered two children with her now one and three years old while holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for years telling London's Daily Mail in Britain based PA news wire that she broke the news because assigned his health isn't good at a London prison and she fears for his life U. S. prosecutors accuse a signs of helping hack and leak classified documents from Pentagon computers sellers lawyer Jennifer Robinson last spring.

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