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Hey joe walls full congress with joe walsh back with you i've got maize jackson and charles thomas came the studio they are the morning team on w v o n sixteen ninety a m six to nine a m every morning emets people around the country want to listen to you in the morning more can they go they can go to www w v o in that time they can go to i heart media are they can watch us on facebook live where they can go to the maize jackson pay now you had congresswoman jan schakowsky amazed tell me what is you really push around the most i think we pushed her on this this issue of dhaka being at the forefront of the democratic party and the fact that the democratic party was trying to leverage black police go capital right for the benefit of dacca and how she defended or did she she defended it because she said well congressman john lewis's four and i said there and rodman lewis respectfully let me today yes civil rights icon but i felt it was disingenuous for a civil rights icon like john lewis to be at the forefront of the daca issue win again all of these issues that are impact in what you call k but charles he's right black members of congress are big dhaka's hit for black leaders it's the disconnect that i think that's what she learned that there is a disconnect between those people out there in the swat and again those folks in the swamp and the people in the community the same thing happened during the gay rights issue there they had gay rights being a civil rights issue and and they enlisted the black political capital for for gay marriage when in fact most black people that was our principal issue and was and what happens joe oftentimes in the democratic party is that white liberals are persuaded black politicians are punished so if you don't do what the party says then they unleash this firestorm against you and so i think what's happening on the wto and morning show is that when as we continue to have these conversations with real black people here where start the p the congressmen and congress women who rely on our congressmen to tell them was going on with the black folks are starting to realize they may not have.

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