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Lasean has become a favorite target of Leary's as of late 11 of his 39 career receptions have come in the last two games and you can see why right there coming back making a tough contest to catch on a back shoulder throw. 25 yard game first and ten into Florida state territory, they are Thomas on the inside slot quickly swinging it out to Jordan Houston getting touch after touch. He spins his way across the 40 to stop by Jamie Robinson. Now you're starting to get this thing going in all sorts of directions, right, left, right, wide. We've got Jamie Davis now down on the field for Florida state, which is huge. One of the best players on this team, the 2021 first team all ACC player and performer for them. Well, let's pause ten seconds for a station identification. This is college football Saturday night. This is the great voice of the Great Lakes, 7 60 W JR, Detroit, a cumulus media station. Jamie Robinson still being tended to on the field in Mike this as he's now walking off length by a couple of trainers and we obviously hope to see him again soon on the field because he is a huge part of this Florida state defense. He's been huge. Preseason all American this year. Ranging guy, we talked about having those deep safeties. You have to have a lot of confidence in their ability and their athleticism to come up and play the run. And when you've got a safety who's your team leader and tackles, it's not always the best sign. You don't want guys getting to that third level. But for Jamie Davis, it's just as much about his ability to read and react quickly allowing

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