Willie Willie Gun, Lincoln Tunnel, Pete discussed on Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast - 66 - Does Your Hotels Marketing Sit On A Throne Of Lies?


So may show when you are not going through this world willie willie gun dropped kingdom where can they find you you can find me on the interweb th on twitter marketing mita at as at marketing m e i s ha and fill when you're not going through the lincoln tunnel with me find you you can find me on twitter p f o r i s k a mp pete you know at the north pole where can we find among twitter also at p demeo p d i m a and you can find me at sue abullah is to you a t beauty l eat you can find his collectively and ask questions at fuelled travel on twitter if you want to email us info fueled travel if you have time please go leave a review on iteens it's super easy now you click on library click on shows scroll down to fuel and then you can scroll down little bit let us growing but then you can say ride review fivestar someone actually left us a fivestar view now because you can actually rate a podcast without leaving our view can just click on the stars someone did that this week as number views went up but they didn't actually leave any comments or whoever that was thank you we can't read it out because you didn't write in it than but we appreciate the gesture but someone please leave us a real review because we will read it out on next week's episode and if you enjoy this episode and you wanna go read the blog post again go to fuel travel dot com slash podcasts click on ups of sixty six in we'll have a link to right there in go watch elf and until next time you have been listening to the fuel hutomo acting podcast.

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