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Continue. It's ian johnson and captain kick ass with us here tonight so we talked about this walmart thing and i don't know if you know do you guys have any further comments on it. I think it's early we're going to see if there's going to be an explosion of outrage as their probably should be some really outraged customers because walmart seems to have stuck with the gun people for a long time and now they are just kicking them to the curve so i just wanted to read the press release but i guess my thoughts on it are are more just kind of fascinated about the weird narrative thing that's going on on here. It's just you know as somebody who's been involved in libertarian culture for so long <hes> this <hes> just just how do i talk about this. I don't know i just find it really interesting that first of all they're talking about how they're you know so prioritizing their employee safety d. and all that much is obvious nonsense because they're going to have these people approaching every person with a gun and it's only the crazy lunatics who are going to be the ones that eh hire professional security forces to the doors at every story exactly and then the other thing is that every <hes> you know the walmart training i did you you. Have you know i've had a conversation with walmart management and the walmart <hes> active shooter training which they have people go through. It's actually a virtual reality program. Wow oh wow they have people go through app active training and to some of the employees it's traumatizing this was before all this is before this that that will not before all the shoots the recent walmart but they've been having this training for a little while here where they have people go through a virtual reality program. You know i would love to see that i'd go. I wanna play a game. Can we watch it and critique it and you can get that on steam yeah so you know not only that but in that training right the the active shooter brings the gun into the store right or brings guns into the store right concealed awful bag can so according to their own training the active active shooter brings in the weapon concealed which is still what they're allowing in their stores which is concealed carry and if you're going to tell the difference right between someone with a gun in their hand <hes> aiming it and someone who has a gun on their hip. You're in idiot right. I mean it's like it's. How hard is it to tell. I mean the thing that all these businesses are doing. This is the thing that bothers me is that the the whole point of of non concealed right open carry right the whole point of open carry is to do show that gun ownership can be safe when done by law abiding citizens and it is open carry and people who have signal for criminals to say hey look. I'm armed right. Hey look there are armed people around here. Don't commit a crime right now because that would be phenomenally stupid right so it's a combination reminder that make people safer right and you'd have to be an idiot to not understand that this makes people safer well. There's plenty of that. He gets out there ignorant people at the very released on this issue so that they think guns are dangerous. No matter who's holding and it's ironic that they are last year in washington at walmart. An armed customer stopped an active shooter really at walmart. It's like public like this at the same press coverage. It never does now but this guy <hes> tom timothy timothy. Oh ooh aah something it's timothy oh definitely very clearly irish name kim meal timmy oh something or other day timothy timothy o'day is who stopped an active shooter in washington state last year twenty eight that you were out there. Did you even know about this now but i on the social media <hes>. Are you guys familiar with the law sopher yes. I've seen her yeah she did. She did a a whole a whole year's worth of daily. Good good guy with a gun right guy. You know regular citizen with a gun prevents gun bus stops shooter stops a thing right and all of the they got no no press at all you

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