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I I think it's a part of being responsible about it to be aware and remind ourselves that the news. Is a profit for profit industry for the most part in North America except for maybe a CNBC or NPR but even day have sponsors they have to keep poppy. And one of the most engaging things out there is fear it will keep people coming back which keeps the money flowing in, and you just have to follow the money and I love money. Let's use it for something else now yeah. Yeah yeah being. Agree. Yeah. There's a book out there called money is love. In I view at the same way you know Money, it's we had a Bob Bergen on a couple of weeks ago, and he talked about happiness is a choice and and also you know our viewpoints of money. It's it's. It's. It's a personal decision that you make and how you view it. YOU KNOW MONEY IS A. Money is like you said at the beginning sometimes it represents freedom sometimes, it represents love and what you can do with it you can save lives with you can help people with it, and it is one of those things of making a conscious decision of what you do with that tool, and if you have more of it you know I'm a big proponent of tithing. I'll day I, I went to Thailand. Several years ago, and I got to omit these kids there. It's went to volunteer for a couple of weeks. I was getting my head up my backside and thinking about myself all the time I was like, no, no, no. During is always the greatest antidote for that right now, people could volunteer online to reach the blind they volunteer to tutor whenever there's volunteering is the vitamin that we all need. It's we have these scurvy of sorts in the developed world where we're all about what we don't have and volunteering is like that instant wine that just gives us back vitamin right and I got to meet these kids in a couple of them were have been able to go to university because they just didn't have the money and I was found out how much it was and I was like, Oh, no, this is happening then it wasn't that much. Right to just like now, that has changed like we all have the power on a tiny level to do that, and actually this takes him back to Tom's said something a minute ago you were talking about With money is so often used to heal the wounds of comparison like every time we compare ourselves to others. It's like we take a knife make a little slice in ourselves. I got a Lotta slices my body. Now I was, but it's it's a cultural way of. Of identifying where we don't belong and we can actually choose our way into redefining that right? It's a habit. All of this is just a habit. One of my favorite people listen to his Jim Fourteen he's got these killer podcasts as well. because this podcast is awesome. Bit. And he's. He's everything's a choice in everything's just habits, and when you want a new way of being, you just go when you're not there yet you wouldn't be like I am not have not mastered the Joplin throw try one time I saw no just like it's just a habit you just building a little bit every day right and so you can choose your way out of comparison because what you're talking about, you know the female creators versus the The mail creators. And like don't even compare your on just being you every one of you.

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