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To utilize that information so we actually just finished a big developer contest where people did all kinds of projects with monitoring air quality monitoring. You know blood sugar in your bloodstream. Or many many different kinds of monitoring your feeling electrical fields and so on so all this by the way. If anybody's interested we have an open. Api an st k. Four buzz on neo century dot com and pursue any kind of project. You want this. We've had hundreds of people just making their own thing which has been which has been very cool now to switch to the second thing about motor output. Yeah it turns out that your brain is not pre-programmed to drive your body but instead can figure out whatever the afford ince's are of whatever's there so just as an example. You know one of the things. I tell the story about this dog that was born without limbs. It didn't have his legs and so she walked by pd. She walks on her back. Legs like a human and presumably. Any dog could do this. But they're not sufficiently motivated but walked through on her hind legs and with this illustrates. Is that dog. Brains are not pre-programme drive dog bodies but instead they figure out okay. Here's what i can do. I need to get to my food to my to my mother. Whatever this is how i do it. And so Also you know. Tell the story of the guy who's the world's best archer. Yes the world's record for best archery shot and he doesn't have arms so he does this with his legs and it's just another illustration that the brain figures out whatever body it's in says okay. I can figure how to drive this. Of course we see this when people for example get an amputation. Let's say they lose an arm and a motorcycle accident or something the map of their body in their brain readjusts to say okay. I got a body without an arm. So i'm just gonna figure that out now okay so because is not preprogramed. It's extremely flexible. I think that we could actually build any kind of body. We want so coming back to your question. I mentioned about doc ock in one thousand nine hundred sixties which debuted in spiderman this scientists to plugs in four robotic arms so that he can actually do extra things in poor beakers and so on and he controls his brain. But then there's an explosion as lab and he turns evil and the scales buildings and learns new forms of martial arts with eight arms and so on and Doctor octavius starts to go by doc. Anyway the exactly as you said this is not as far off in weird as we used to think because now what we're doing is with for example patients who are paralyzed you can put electrodes into their motor cortex and they can learn to drive robotic arm even though they are paralyzed. They drive the robotic arm with their thoughts. Which sounds weird. But that's of course how you drive your fleshy arm you just you know you think about it you learn the you learned what the output signals are that make your arm responded the same thing with the robotic arm you can do that and there have been experiments with monkeys where they their bodies work fine. They're not paralyzed but they can drive a third arm with you. Know with their thoughts. So they're driving a robotic arm with their thoughts. There was experiment done where a monkey Uses his motor cortex to make a robot walk but the interesting part was the robot happened to be across the world..

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