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Who had left Congress he resigned and went to aid president Trump with true socials So who was this That's representative news I'm sorry I'm sorry representative who Noons Okay I guess Yeah exactly from California who left to head up Trump's signature provider of Internet services I guess for one of a better term yes Okay go ahead yes Yep That platform is called So who do we have left here in the Republican Party I mean there's a couple of people I know that a handful of congressmen like congressman Biggs and Congress are on the freedom from big tech caucus However when I listen to the questioning when they've brought in Mark Zuckerberg when they bring in all the heads of many of these big techs I get the impression they don't exactly know what questions to ask And I do it's very true that many of them don't have the faintest idea and ironically enough they don't seem to have had the common sense to ask their staff I mean some of these people are grant you may be octogenarian dinosaurs but they all have young staffers I mean you would think they would say you know tell me more about this We're really past the day I think when senator Strom Thurmond telling a witness to get closer to the microphone would say talk into the machine I think we've gone past that point haven't we Yeah one we're thinking yeah definitely I feel that the Republican Party and the representatives so many great people So many of them are just great in their own talent We have so many great veterans who are serving and God bless them and God bless their service to this country We have so many attorneys We have plenty of them I mean I was actually with a couple of congressmen at cpac We're kind of joking about that We have plenty of attorneys but the skill set that's missing is and this has been my bid to the 14th district And also to people throughout the country is you know when are we going to start to really ask the question of where the battle for the hearts and minds of this nation has taken place I mean it's been on the Internet and the Democrat party has done a very very good job of getting their hands wrapped around the Internet and controlling its growth and always positioning in themselves successfully And of course the younger demographic for so many years back was who was on the Internet But now you have people much like myself and their 40s where net transitional period of life before the Internet but we also adapted it We were coming up as the Internet was coming from its infancy We need to have more representation on the right with regards to the Internet and how the Internet works and we don't So that's been my bid to the 14 district to say hey we have all the talent in the world when it comes to legal issues We have all the talent in the world when it comes to military But we are just getting our rear end handed to us when it comes to Internet And they kicked the president of the United States of America off social media platform I mean I mean that right there really shows that the doors were open The terms of services we're not being looked at by both parties while mainly the Republican Party which allowed for something like that to happen And let's be honest I mean Facebook and Twitter are essentially at this point almost a utility That's something I wanted to bring up at this point In fact we'll pause and we'll come back and bring that point up but that is the whole notion of whether or not the behavior of the tech giants of today are not the behavior is not at least as egregious and maybe more so than the behavior of the trusts of a century and a quarter ago the steel trust the oil trust the sugar trust and all the rest of them that wound up leading to the creation of the antitrust laws so we'll ask you that of our guest Jack Lombardi a tech entrepreneur candidate for the Illinois 14th congressional district seat one 8.

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