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And air southbound I seventy five, is pretty slow from? Fletcher in the south of follow with an accident in the media and then. We continue slow from here. Into I four westbound i. four, selling from, the Selma connector into two seventy five we're building. Up south a to. Seventy five from Fletcher to Hillsborough out avenue northbound seventy five's building up on the eastbound east end of the Howard Franklin. Bridge remember state route sixty is closed, for railroad crossing repairs in eastern, Hillsborough county east of Clarence Gordon junior. Road for about another week Seasonable temperatures high ninety degrees storm starting near the coast push inland by the afternoon it's eighty. Degrees at NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a news is a service of the Benatti spine institute for Hillsborough county students the weekends today. With the. Start of the new school year months after legislators adopted a. New. State law requiring enhanced school security and. An armed. Guard on every campus, the, classrooms are ready for Hillsborough students to begin the new school year today and this year they'll be beefed up security from access control, buzzers and locked gates and doors to armed security officers at each campus though Hillsborough security chief John Newman assures those measures. Won't be distracting apparent drops her student offer go to campus and they don't, see the security measures in place that I've done my job because I don't wanna. Room any effort to foster a good educational environment Newsome says more than one. Hundred retired law enforcers and military personnel have been trained Over the summer to provide school security and every. Campus he says has undergone security upgrades I. Know I speak for the superintendent and deputy school board the law enforcement public. Safety in this county there spot on so we're going to make it work, Sharon Parker NewsRadio nine seventy WFL a local election systems vulnerable to Russian hacking Florida Senator. Bill Nelson says Russians have already broken into county election systems but Hillsborough election. Supervisor Craig Latimer says the threat is nothing new and they're ready things you need to remember this most important is.

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