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I mean it's been a while hinge ago is awfully good the last two years listen they upgraded massively at running back left tackle guard coach evan ingraham's a tremendous by the way ob days back so they're receiving cores upgraded massively i mean every unit of the offense went from a c to at least be to be plus he's going to have a nice year his biggest issue is the whole division pretty good nasrullah's on every team sure they're going up graded quarterback too i didn't love you they didn't like they didn't like baker mayfield sam darnold the bigger issues in their scouting department and they and they were like we don't think he's any good sam darnold the best college quarterback arguably last two or three drafts if you didn't like him scouting department this greed with your opinion on you're all in went three the other new york team they're not gonna have to worry about quarterback for fifteen years giants are i want time for last call was moved to the lakers were luke walton just gave ball a vote of confidence saying he's a winner and then raise on rondo will be good mentor for him coward you buying this rondo would be good mentor for lonzo i think he's a good fit i don't know if mentor is in his dna but i do like if you're telling me lonzo rondo or my point guards that's twenty one points and eleven assists on a nightly basis between the two and it's probably twenty two percent shooting them on and it's a lot of garbage buckets listen mentor to me what what does that is one the bench off the bit that's not who'd rondo is no no i'm saying on is rondo the starter whose mentoring the young under study or is he coming off the been on those badge then i don't think he's going to be a good mentor because i think rondo super competitive he's looking lonzo ball what can he do that i can't do we both want don't have jumps out everything else i'm better maybe taller to me but i ain't got no loud mouth dad unless move trae young who was terrible and his first couple summer league games but actually look good yesterday scoring twenty four points and hitting half of his shots oh my god or shooting seven or thirteen from three cower you young's performance will silence the hater no because i think that's who he's going to be on for the first couple years in this league physically he looks small he's going to be a hot and cold player you're gonna get nights like that and then you get too bad nights i don't think physically he's the kind of kid that can give you a nine game stretch like staff i think he's got a long way to go but i do think he'll have nights like this every not in the nba you don't think gee lee he'll have nights like that and have him in the summer league like he did on no trae young you don't like these young guards shoot.

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