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And telling them finally that if we can't work this stuff out, we can't get to the bottom of this. I gotta leave and I said. You know I I never signed a contract. Russell signed the contract. I never signed anything. To leave. And he said wait a minute. Wait a minute. What did you just say? And I said. Yeah I said I never signed a contract. You know only Russell signed, and he said okay. Wait a minute. You'RE GONNA, have to start back at the beginning. Because I wasn't listening to anything you were saying. Sat my sound effect would be. This is really now. This is real. So. How long until DEF, American is started. Right away. Because when I left DEF jam, I had already started like slayer was signed Def jam originally. Dancing was signed to Def jam originally and. Dice I can't remember if dice was if I had already signed is not. When I remember going out to lunch with Russell and saying you know this is GonNa work I don't the relationship with Colombia's bad and Osa. What that meeting that I told you about the start at the beginning again meeting. With that meeting. After that meeting! I told Russell. This is not good. We can't do this anymore and the way that Columbia ended up fixing. It was to write a big check to DEF jam without dealing with any of the problems, it was just a check. Russell school with that and I was not cool with that, so that was sort of You know what I don't think we can do this anymore. Like this doesn't feel right, and I said to him I said. Do you want to leave the company? And he said I don't WanNa. Leave and I said Okay I'll have to leave. And, it was just like that there wasn't. and. That's it yeah. YIKES! 'cause you left before it well, you laugh at the beast. He's left correct. Is Left. Yeah. How did did you like? Acid rock or any MD JOE have have conversations about why you left or whether interest. Interestingly, interestingly, we have never really discussed it, and it's definitely an elephant in the room. That would be good to discuss and we just never did, but I'm sure it'll happen. It may happen next week. Like, it'll happen. What were your thoughts on Paul's Boutique? Loved. It thought it was the I. Remember listening to it at the Mondrian Hotel, me and Chuck d together we were we were there because I think public enemy was going to appear somewhere in California, or whether it was a club date or a TV show. But. We're at the Mondrian. We got an advance I. Don't even know if it was in advance. It might have just been like from the studio like they had just finished it..

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