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Five seventy K L I F. And welcome back. Lynn keytar with us. We'll take your calls as well. Lynn ten years from now when you and I are talking about the thirty second hand of her Serie of this incredible story, where do you think it'll take us? Oh, man. You know? It's so amazing, George. I mean, we. Number one. I as as we left the last conversation. I now have a graphic novel activities calling but for all ages. So I hope that in ten years people will certainly educate themselves to what's really going on. But just just in the past decade or so the yeah. Spitzer and Kepler telescope really opened up a whole new war trisomy. Now, we know there's at least a hundred billion other galaxies along with ours, and our one white galaxy is only fourteen billion years old in our solar system is I'm sorry. I'm solar system. It's only four to six billion years old. And we now know that the ingredients of life are out there got materials and oxygen and hydrogen on a starburst, the organic materials be call panspermia or are drenched all over the all over the universe. So there's, you know, scientists now that are postulating the DR could be censured intelligent entities. Billions of years ahead of us. And we're not only talking about interstellar possibilities, but also enter dimensional as I mentioned earlier with my own citing up close and personal. I mean, Wendy's or disappeared. Oh, man mechanically is if there was an intelligence behind them, we've they go, and if there's other times and spaces is quantum physics and quantum mechanics is now postulating there could be ten or eleven different dimensions out there. Well, there's other times and spaces. Along with ours. Then why is it such a leap to think that there might be other intelligence is in those other spaces that we get glimpses off if we're open to them or invited. And I think, you know, as the years go by and that's you asked me earlier, if I can be a credible voice of people actually, look at the data and learn and grow more and more people will actually open up to the possibility than we are. I mean, look at social media my goodness in ninety seven. We had those clunky cell phone. Nobody had cameras in their cell phone. Now, people are capturing things in in real time and posting them and talking about it and the more we do in the more. We get this out in the open and study and the more people open up to the wonders possibilities of universe. I think in ten years from now we'll be along farther than than we are now and really understanding the possibilities and the the Yun. The person that we are not alone. That's absolutely true lend. Let's take some calls here. Let's go to first caller Ron in Sandpoint, Idaho, west of the Rockies want. Ron welcome to the program, sir. Okay. Thank you. I was I was in Phoenix I painted and painting my sons botch this house, and I was living out of my vehicle at that time camping and stuff. So anyway, I camped up on the mountain just outside of Phoenix that night. And I was watching those lights there's about it was that night. And I was watching the lights and there was three of them. And they were ordered like. I love that story. They were there Lynn when you when. Well, you know, I always ask people number one how many lights and what did they look like on color? They were and the altitude. But how did you feel when you saw them? I mean, do they spraying even with a my was up on a spot up in the mountains just out out of I was watching him. And I watched the planes take us then and all that, but these weren't disappearing you know, like the plane lights, do they stayed there. And they were buzzed. What did you think when he's gone Lynne? We've lost them on the phone. Okay. Yeah. That's that's one of the biggest compelling data that I've seen is how not only people remember so concisely what they saw twenty two years later. I'm now getting many emails from pilots and military that were here at the time. And they're now retired and willing to share their stories how it affected people that doesn't happen with balloons and flares and conventional aircraft, right, George. No, no, no. It shouldn't happen that way. That's for sure. Would you say that of all the cases you've been a part of or heard about that? This is one of the most compelling, absolutely. Well, now, you know, besides all the data that is just so there's so much that in fact, the Phoenix lights and being held I've seen most witness most documented and most important mass anomalous citing in modern history, if not all of history, and the fact that more and more credible. People are coming forward really is so important for just the credibility of the of the whole event and as years go by you, see more and more people of of credence are coming forward, which is wonderful. I mean, not really helps other people come forward, and we're going to be addressing that this Sunday the scotch. You're harking Shaef year. We just went into the biggest theater there because we were sold out in the theater were usually and because more and more people, and it's the only. Mainstream event that we know of in fact, I'm going to be also doing some flurry excited about as I mentioned, I'm working in a curriculum triple last seven years, and now have a graphic novel activities coloring books that that's available hundred sixty pages packed with the history. Iconic pictures in eighty crop circles and titties and word finders and all that good stuff that I'm gonna be also hosting a youth program at the move on the fiftieth anniversary new fund international symposium in July last weekend in July on Sunday for families because it's so important for not only because kids thirst for this knowledge, and there's nothing in our history books about this. And I really don't have sources to go to that are credible. And we want to get that to them. But also, the parents and grandparents can can open up with her families and actually joined together in learning about this topic. It's it's so fascinating. If nothing else, but there's so much to it as we know mentioned, the native American connection, in fact, six months before the mass fighting this is a little intriguing coincidence, which I do not believe in coincidence. And if you read my book, you'll see that there's just like me, I don't believe in them. Somebody's trying to use it happened that it's just too too coincidental in six months before the mess. So I think I was invited to present my substance abuse program at the heel bend Indian reservation. This is really poignant data which is in between south mountain and the astray in mountain range, a few miles back in our view from our home. And if you go on the photo cage, the Phoenix lights network website, the first picture shows the topography south mountains, just south of the airport. And then there's very sacred native American Brown in between south mountain, and you strays or a few miles back anyway after the mass sighting, I noticed that most of these pictures were showing and again, I the data speaks for itself that these phenomena were popping up right where south mountain in history as in. So I called them up. And I said that anybody happened to see strange lights on March thirteenth. And the principal the school started to giggle. And I said is that funny? And he said, you can't even looking at them for centuries. We call them sky people like that was the first time I ever heard of it. I it just blew me away. I had no idea that the native cultures indigenous cultures worldwide are very open to these phenomena is the other intelligence is. In fact, the Hopi right here in Arizona have protocols as do other native cultures to invite these phenomenon in many think that these orbs our ancestors or spirit world coming to give them guidance and knowledge and inspiration. I have to admit your have been inspired by sure have by the other thing is that the astray has got its name. They told me because it means starring Spanish because these stories have been around for centuries, and there's petroglyphs extra help drawings on the mountains of the exact same thing that my husband and I saw. Aw, as what was right on south mountain, which is a major thing. And and the other thing is they feel that there's a portal or gateway bright in that area. And I leave that, you know, not trying to convince anybody of anything look at the data looking at my pictures. That's where these phenomena keep popping in. So there's so much intriguing data here to learn and to grow, and you know, I hope people just look at it and decide for themselves. Let's go back to the calls. Let's go to Laney and paradise valley. Arizona's highly knee, welcome to the program. Good to have you with us. George. I ki- tie that my husband, and I saw those life. What what did you think? When you first saw them way. We didn't know what. You know, I said to him. What is that? We were taking a walk around neighborhood that we had recently moved into the prior year. And it was you know, between seven or eight o'clock in the evening. And we just remember seeing this. Massive low-flying crafts and my husband. Remember seeing maybe six or seven lights in a v formation. And I knew there were like, I just couldn't be call. How many we differ in that? I recall that being able to see the stars shining in what would have been the middle of the V-shape he recalled being able to see stars me. It just appeared as a black. Okay. Cnn mass except for those lights. Did it scare you at all? Not at all. I don't know why. Because I should have been scared. I mean, it was you know. It was just so omnipresent. And that they didn't flicker, and they were very stable, and as long as the abject was within our sights, you know, it was just. You know, you just kind of frozen they're looking at it. But not fearfully. So just kinda wondering what am I looking at here, and it's slowly disappeared over the mountain. And that was that was it. Right. Description exact and and I can't tell you how many times I have heard the same thing over and over thousands of people saw this. The cars over to watch it. I mean, it's just unbelievable. When you when you hear, you know, the same description of of people just being mesmerized just being in awe and wonder is that how you felt do you think it changed people's lives forever forever? I mean, I changed yours. Major. But but in a good way in a good way. I mean, really no just having my own experience opened my mind to to the wonders possibilities of the universe. But other people too I'm in real time and long-term I described earlier people were changed forever. People were changed forever. They not only had a connectedness whoever did this whoever did this. And I love to find out one day you did. But whoever did this not only in a very non threatening way. Again. There wasn't one report not one credible report of harm threat reduction associated with the phenomenon quite the contrary. And, you know, whoever did this was not only trying to wake us up to their presence in a very gentle way. But also, it touched people such a deep spiritual level, they just opened them up though to change their whole world. You know, everybody comes from a different background where you kind of touched on something. Because my next question was going to be. Why do you think they even showed up assuming that was an extra question? You know, everybody comes from a different background from different upbringing from different belief system, different worldviews, some people can't deal with this topic and some people don't want to and that's okay, everyone in their own time. But whoever did this for whatever reason, it just seems that the reason was to wake us up. Wake us up to the fact that we're not alone in the universe and to get us to the next evolutionary level. It really does because the people that have been affected just like, you're caller. I mean, I I love to ask her. She's still on the phone now, you know, how that has changed her life because I hear over and over again that it absolutely change people's lives forever. It's not a belief anymore. People say, do you believe in UFO's? It's not a belief. It's a knowing we're gonna take more calls and then more after the break Thomas in LA Hoya high. Thomas. Go ahead, Sir, George they think you for taking my call. Dr Landon great research that you have done two quick comments. And then a question I can't help..

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George, Phoenix, Lynn Keytar discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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