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Suburban Eastern Australia an environment that has all the time evolved some extraordinarily unique groups of Hamas sappy I but today we observe are small tribe akin to a group of Mickens that gathered together a tough a small mound to watch Eh this group fondly known as the Iron Fist and the velvet glove yes welcome deal is now welcome at one in the on the broadcast who are watching is the fist fill the glove podcast episode two hundred twenty three On Trevor Beyond Feast as always with me Scott the velvet glove can I get I get listeners and twelve main you very good ice Scott listeners we've had the week of things happening this is a podcast if you've tune in for the first time we talk news and politics sex and religion particularly focusing on Australia but we'll also look at Wilda Vince when appropriate and to not we're going to kickoff with a bit of a look at the great debate between a pattern and Martin house of the L. which was at the press and all that so I've got some thoughts about that and then last week twelve main we were talking about renewable energy and whether it was possible to replace Cultivar with renewable energy and could quite big sort of list of things to get through allies concepts and after that maybe a little bit of Donald trump threatening the world up to all sorts of mischief I mean normally the sorts of things that Donald trump has been saying if any other let's say at any other time we would have created a special episode we would have gone to way Oh my God the president can you believe what's happening but alas it's just another outrageous statement and passed the course exactly par for the course quite frightening tied Callo will hello Alison the champion so well the debate so this is what the National Press Club in Vienna pattern leader of reason party formally six party she was debating man also the ICL about the religious discrimination bill so I sat down and watched it I missed probably I suspect the first two or three minutes which would have been sort of of Martin all's introduction in the stream that came through kind of cuddle rod on the mark uh-huh much was said afterwards I might have been two minutes of the beginning and how much at the end that I'm missing anyway that Dodd Roy can they were still going with it and cut off so Scott you sort what uh-huh thoughts I've already expressed it wasn't a complete disaster Roy but I do think that I was disappointed in Vienna patents attack of the whole thing I did I was expecting US opposed for her to be a little more forthright and I really thought of anyone is going to have mountain all's on his is it would have been her but she didn't it was almost like she was being be polite I felt now I don't know whether or not that's me being too critical of her or whether I was just thinking myself I really want to say this Guy Damn because I do want to see that busted good and there is no doubt about that but it wasn't a complete eight disaster but it wasn't a don't think it was her best performance ever that's probably the fairest way could put it we should have sent Woah that's probably fair assessment I'll probably be a little bit harsher I'm going to be hashing each allison if you watched it whether you thought or at room score out of ten or your thoughts and how it went but for me Martin als is a very polished performer he is obviously used to standing up and giving his spiel on the topic of religious freedom I think he's done it a lot more pianos serving titian with a lot of things on the plight and a lot of things happening and it was clear that he was across the brief in detail more than shave and the other thing was that this was a debate which degenerated into legal interpretations of the Religious Discrimination Act and what would be cool and what wouldn't and win and he's a lawyer like end so he was clearly you know as another lawyer watching it running rings around or when it kind to describing have sections worked and being able to decide what you just said makes sense because what you've talked about is something that's occurred during in work whereas a section we're talking about is occurring outside of work and and things like this and I don't think the iron ahead full grasp of the entire bill and focus was and the focus of the hold abide was about that section forty one which was the section that talked about saying statements of belief and how that would be green get a green light and you wouldn't be like those portia sin Tasmania who was hauled before the courts for making statements about how marriage equality and antidiscrimination ax was sort of raised to try and prevent him from sighing stuff and the sick and forty one is basically saying if he might statement of a religious belief you can't be held accountable under a religious discrimination act in the states that's what the whole God damned by saying to me to be about was about section forty one in a bad freedom of speech issues and when we've talked about that bill the least offensive to us is the freedom of speech things because the three of us kind of like well we're happy for people to say almost anything provided you're not inciting violence I it's the sections of the act that really doesn't worry me in the team match and that was what the debate degenerated into was about the freedom of speech and the whole issue of employment and and the ability in the sort of the hey that religious faker advantaged compared to secular people really wasn't explode properly and I really don't think China I've enough simple examples of a person in this situation could be sacked your volunteer working shield's op shop could be sacked or other really concrete examples where people would guy that's clearly unfair we don't want that happening it just got tied up in the legal ease of it I thought so so it's just the chat rooms God no it's still going so so yeah at the thirty minute mark I was writing in by notes still toiling freedom of speech the forty seven right still talking about freedom of speech sixty minute mark the whole thing was a freedom of speech and section forty one you say I felt that she didn't really lag love on him in anybody watching that debate would come out of it going well she said this he said that probably in the Middle Mouse June this that we don't necessarily worry about side it's a waste of opportunity for secularist yeah I think so too the national secular beliefs credit I mean they got to a venue like that and got to have a sigh and while it might not have been perfect at least they were there and I had a chance to get legally trained BETHEL's League Beck was in that program God forbid and really he was soft on he wasn't a draw on it as well like he was signing argue are either yeah so what is that grounds for loss now he's a constitutional lawyer always yeah so you know it's difficult for the national lobby because they need passages of some sort of fine if you like we'll celebrity status but then ambassadors mine bryce fully how much we would like anyway the sort of secular ideals I e e the need them because you wouldn't get a Gig like that other laws but then you don't really control Saimaa of what the Guy Deci cross after pie so hopefully they can ally this into some future things where other debates beheads the president of the national secular lobby will be deemed sufficient celebrity vision celebrity status to appear and he can be more forthright and Australia celebrity ambassadors of Phillip Adams although I don't get the feeling he's not all that active is and John Carroll she's pretty well no yeah and special interests so giants more about education and private schools thing saying she strong public schooling give full credit for that and his the other Legal Eagle from Melbourne who was thing for the grains isn't he he's not an ambassador Julian Ben Sira is he associated with secular lovey the detail that it'd be more say so yeah so we ask for rematch yeah so anyway that was that it was a bit of a letdown I think but anyway if you're at the and you get a chance to watch it let me know if you think on crazy assistant or not but I really would have liked some more philosophical discussion about my hobby horse of I it's just audiology you're nothing special why should you be given anything at all was you can just make up your own doctrine which is unprotected ideology it's a ludicrous ideology based on fairy tales that was raised by Fiona initially she lead rise it but no very loudly or anything like that I thought was chase maybe she's GonNa get him but then she didn't sign it he added again and that's the whole point she said you were US setting yourselves up to be above the rest of us which is what they are that's what they feel absolutely and I just thought she'd hit that harder than she would have landed a body bone Brussels this whole concept where Martin all's believes that religious institution I have a religious ethos and the I should be able to conduct the institution according to the religious ethos and you really need to sigh that's relevant when we're talking about the appointment of price and many of the religious instruction teacher but not the Gardner and not the math teacher it has to be relevant to it and into enunciate why that's unfair in the fact at night employs seventy people in teaching and he was basically saying well when you sign up for a Gig with a Christian institution you're given a list of ethical requirements and you either accept them will reject them and you you were told up front what you're going to be compelled to do and of course I would say well let's just irrelevant jobs that have a religious element to them also then they were talking about it was audio opportunity aside we'll hang on you don't think that when it comes to fill out because he was given a contract which says editor this and this and this and then he decided not to want to sack him and you're saying you can't do that because he needs to be able to uphold his faith he was quite hypocritical with that and repeat without Pantheon I would've thought so Matt Niles has the legal background does it yes yeah wondering he was very good very good after cy cy confidence issue on top of these brave he wasn't that the meeting we went to sometime back well nigh law shelter it's been a long it was another chat that spot quite articulately at that meeting as well I recall but I don't know who he was anyone he did a look at children's law shelter would have done I'd life dangerous he's a dangerous I intelligence he's certainly very well spike and then he presents exceptionally well and doesn't it surprise you when you come across someone who really is smart and they believe this ludicrous nonsense. US is yeah. I'm always amazed I can understand stupid people believing in there are enough of them in the world but when you come across really shop minded people and they have every opportunity to investigate the veracity of these fairytales and and they don't want to go near but we've said this in the past isn't tribalism that the smarter you are the better you'll rationalizations for green anything the tribal position so you actually get really clever adopting your argument to to mention with the with the travelogue emphasize rock so so that's that I actually since last time we spoke Danes Trenton Remember Dean is admission on this religious discrimination bill and there's a link to it on the website if you look at the blog posts by visiting contributors you'll see link to it the PDF so great submission bud dain and just one part of it was where we're talking about for why people the religious people are able to Michael religious belief and it's not discrimination.

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