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Last new ownership press conference I will ever attend. It Looks like we're coming to a stop out here. The door is open. This guy is getting out of the vehicle. Oh, he's got a gun. He's got a gun. Uh, yeah. Yeah, This is not gonna end very well. That's why I'm voting for Erik. Our city. Super hyper local Sunday with Brian suits on K F. I go. Okay. I am 6 40. It is super hyper local Sunday. Our number two Brian suits here live on the radio. And, uh, just, um, seeing a couple stories they're going up. Here on Sunday night, one of them the guy that replaced the libertarian Michigan. Congressman Justin Amash eyes the guy by the name of Peter Mayer. And he's Iraq and Afghanistan. Veteran young guy 32 years old, probably probably rising star. Very smart guy. But Reason magazine is talking to him and he's He's saying that for a lot of the Republicans on Wednesday Who who voted To object to the certification of a certain results like Arizona and all that. He's saying that they did it out of literal physical fear. For themselves and their families because They've been fundraising based on this, So this is this is what he says in reason. Uh, did that the congressman has withering words for elected Republicans who have spent the past nine weeks filling protesters, ears with false conspiracy theories and unfilmable hopes. Quote they were being lied to they were being misled, he said of the demonstrators. Some of my colleagues in Congress. They share responsibility for that Many of them were fund raising off of this. Stop the steel grift. I don't understand how you can look in the mirror and go to sleep at night. Without that weighing on your conscience. I fundamentally do not. I'm just at a loss for words. About how some of them have acted in ways that are just knowingly provably false and they know they're lying to close. Quote. I It's I've never really thought on a personal level very much of Ted Cruz. He's you know, the one with the most cravenly opportunistic politicians ever since he was elected in the tea party, But he's a Republican, so I'll take him. But he's been the guy sort of the leader that charge too, because he knows he's gonna have a tough Reelection in Texas, and he's going to run for president and he wants to Wrapped his arms around all of the people who are the you know, Bitter enders with Donald Trump, who want to hear that there is somehow a glimmer of hope. There's a 1% chance is a one in a million chance. There's a Lloyd Christmas. So you're saying there's a chance that somehow Joe Biden will not be the president because of Some mythical proof of election fraud or or something, and Because there's so many people who want to believe that they have contributed money to the stop the steel thing thinking that somehow it's going to go to forensic audit of Cab County, Georgia and all that. It's not It is not, um and and and I hate to tell you this, but you've been duped you the in these last nine weeks, Uh, you've been duped and I got you know, On Wednesday, I was wondering Cool. Would fly to Washington D. C for this final dead end rally on Wednesday. What? What do you think was gonna happen? On Dever mind flying. I'm like the woman from San Diego did who was who was really, really Deeply into the Q and a on thing. Yeah, And by the way, folks have asked me. Have you ever heard me talk about that? Because when it first started whatever 3.5 years ago I did read some of that crap, and it clearly was not written by somebody with the access that they claim to have or who had experience. Mean classified information. And so I stopped reading it, but because the overwhelming majority of Americans 99.93% have never held a security clearance It was. It seemed like it was authentic, didn't it? And so a lot of people bought it. And it's slowly I think it you know, in some ways it built but it peeled off a lot of people because it kept saying that any week now the rest will be coming. And Adam Schiff. It better have his, um, his affairs in order. On Dancy. Pelosi had better have her money in a trust because she's gonna be in prison and Eddie get kept promising all that, but it never delivered did it? So that just on the face of it clearly, that's not someone who's in the know. And now you boil it down to these dead enders. There was a rally in Frankfurt, Kentucky, and I tweeted out of story to it from the Kentucky Journal courier. Incest Whatever. And there's a bunch of people in Frankfurt, Kentucky with a P a system And, of course, his Kentucky is an open carry state. They have they have loaded weapons slung over their shoulder. And they're not brandishing them at anyone, but they're just they're present there. They're possessing them in public. Which, of course, would is shocking to most Californians because we it's been several years since open carry was legal here. Um on then it had to be a unloaded pistol and all that. But in Kentucky there they have air 15 style weapons and they are slinging them over their shoulder. And they're giving fiery speeches. Um About the that this is this is all just a rope a dope. This is Trump letting the the Communist conspirators think that they won and then Like the battle of the bulge Like Hitler..

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