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Peacock tv dot com and sign up now. Well it is that time of year once more this is now the seventh annual mock offseason. Absolutely crazy to think about that. How's it going guys going. Yes and yet again. Unlike any other you. And i just talked to each other so this is your first time here. What we're gonna do is. I'm going to be the player. Agent danny larue of this podcast and the athletic dan feldman of nbc sports and kevin pelton usps are going to split up thirty teams among them. Gm them and we're gonna try and find homes for all of these free agents in this twenty twenty one off season one thing. We're gonna do a little bit differently than we'd like to do is we're gonna have to actually do just a first top six or so mock draft normally we would be doing this between the draft and agency but since that's a approximately a three hour period this year. We're not able to do that so let's get started. You're white you guys each Introduce your team's why we started. Kp i have the brooklyn nets. Who are starting this off season. Obviously over the tax looking resign a couple of key. Contributors maybe add some veteran depth in the front court. Danny the miami heat are looking to build the best possible team for this coming season and we can choose between staying over the cap having roughly twenty one million space then. The new york knicks have about fifty one million in space are looking to get good players especially at point guard that could be residing their own guys or getting outside free agents dallas mavericks have up to twenty six million in cap space and are looking to add the best free agent possible We have a couple of business items. Beforehand were guaranteed the contract of jalen brunson declining our team option. Willie cauley stein in part of the reason that that cap space is not quite what i wrote on this sheet. So i was estimated is because we are making a trade assuming these players opt in which will have to go to the player asian for We intend to trade josh. Richardson to the portland. Trailblazers for derek jones. Junior via both gaza have player options ache. That's a better situation for dirt jones junior and he wasn't going to get that nine point seven million in free agency most likely this year. So that's an easy. Opt in and as josh richardson's player agent we're looking for a change of scenery. I guess we'll see what ends up happening with. Norman paul but clearly there are plenty of minutes available at the two and three position and just a better chance to reestablish my values so they will opt into eleven point. Six million dollars And obviously that would have had to have happened before we knew about this trade but Neither of my clients are unhappy about this. That that's like the most exciting start to the mock off season and all these years we we're not even the we've got a fairly significant trade. Yeah they're philadelphia. Deckchair exchange for another to philadelphia. Seventy six hope. The exciting trade trend continues. Because we're looking to find a new home. For ben. simmons bringing back players pieces. That can help us right away. We're open to add. We'd like to add a primary ball or the space. The foreign flu fit which will embiid. We don't have cap space. But we're roughly fourteen million below the tax and so there are some hard cap issues depending on how all this happened. The memphis grizzlies are declining. Justice winslow's team option for thirteen million. Leaving about twenty two million dollars in cap space. What are we gonna do it. We've got no idea we're fairly. We have no obvious needs. Maybe we'll be dumping ground of anybody trying to unload some bad contracts mean it. Is you sucked a denver. Nuggets are working likely with some form of the mid level exception. Which one depends on whether we can re-sign we'll barton's of our other key free agents. We want to do that. Well avoiding the luxury tax and We will be making one move behind hand which is waving block ochimchire before his two thousand twenty one twenty two salary guarantees descend antonio spurs are looking to us our forty nine point five million and cap space depending on which bird guys we retain to add talent make sense with our long term vision the franchise what that long-term vision this. We'll have to see and we'll think about which of our veterans we won retain. But we're not looking to keep those guys on a long term deal in less. It's very friendly to what looking for work the charlotte hornets have functionally about twenty one million dollars to resign. Malik monk who we are making a restricted free agent with qualifying offer. And then go out and get a starting caliber center We also intend to resign. Devante graham another a restricted free agent but with his bird rights we can he has got a very low capital over the capita signed him. And that if we have some money leftover somebody we want. We can use the room exception to come off last year's off season where. I don't think we made any outside. Transaction the indiana pacers or hoping to resign. Tj mcconnell doug metairie without going into the tax We will be exercise. Your team option on admit sumner in guaranteeing keelan morton's contract for two thousand twenty one twenty two. The boston celtics with our new look front office. At least partially nuuk are looking to build the best team possible. Our goal is to stay ten million or less under the tax. But we're using the end of the season as that line so we need to go deeper for now. We can do that. We'd like to retain name. But we also have the non taxpayer taxpayer mid level and a trade exception worth about eleven million to us as well so you you make ten million or over the tax and yes ten million dollars over the tax. That's kind of our ruffling. The atlanta hawks intend to keep john collins. We know we can't say we'll match any offer sheet for him But i bet if you read Some prominent nba reporters. I bet you could find one of them. Citing anonymous sources. That definitely are not that will match any offer for john collins because we definitely believe in that rule that we can't say it After keeping john collins we want to sign a backup point. Guard might be resigning lou. Williams might be using the middle of exception. I wear about thirty seven million dollars below the luxury tax line. As let's basically our limit to accomplish both keeping collins getting a point guard. Los angeles lakers are hoping to add a veteran guard and hoping that everyone forgets how this works..

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