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And breaking news on talk Radio, 6 80 Wcbm Baltimore and Wcbm. He's a nice man who's working very hard. I'm Pam, who sell Fox News prays for US Postmaster General Lewis to joy from President Trump Hours after protesters gathered outside to Joy's home in Washington, D. C. Steps that he's taken are trying to stop the tremendous losses that have taken place for many, many years. He's trying to streamline the post office and make it great again. But Democrats say recent changes like cutting some overtime will hurt states abilities to be able to rely on mail in ballots come November, Foch says. Mark MEREDITH. Congress is now on recess, but House Democrats could call the chamber back into session to deal with the challenges facing the post office. The younger brother of President Trump has passed away in a statement, The president describes Robert Trump as his best friend. Disappointment at the State Department following a Friday vote at the U. N Security Council on Ly, the U. S and the Dominican Republic voted in favor of extending a long running arms embargo on Iran in October, Iran will be able to buy conventional weapons from Russia and China. There was a lot of people who were against this, namely Israel. Namely the countries and the GCC, the Gulf Cooperation Council. These are the countries that are directly affected by the malign behavior of Iran in the region, the countries who are susceptible to being attacked with these conventional weapons because Iran is the leading state sponsored terrorism. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortega's on Fox and Friends, China and Russia voted against the resolution. Britain, France and Germany abstained. Dueling demonstrations in Belarus as government supporters rally in the capital. Anti government protesters are expected to march there. The unrest unfolded last week after Belarus is president won 1/6 term protesters called the contest a sham. America's listening.

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