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Bloomberg business flash And I'm Karen Moscow in U.S. stock index futures are on the rise this morning and we go to the first word breaking news desk for today's morning call. Here's Tatiana darier Tatiana good morning. Good morning, Karen. Futures are higher this morning. Despite the mixed session in Europe without futures up one 22 S&P is up 24 and NASDAQ up one ten, cross asset treasuries are rallying again with the U.S. ten year yield down four basis points to three spot 1% oils down another percent and Bitcoin has erased yesterday's losses rebounding about four. On the economic front today initial jobless claims at 8 30 and PMIs at 9 45. In early trading, we're seeing tech stocks rebounding with Tesla apple and video leading gains up about 1% Occidental Petroleum up too after its largest shareholder Berkshire Hathaway, both additional shares and regarding earnings home builder KB home up 5% after results last night. In other news, a Tesla plans to ramp up output at its factory in China to more than double its original plant target to 1 million cars a year and wrapping things up coinbase was cut to neutral at the red burn and eBay was initiated with an underweight at Morgan Stanley. Live from the first in breaking news desk, I'm Tatiana Daria Karen. All right Tatiana, thank you and to your lie breaking news over your Bloomberg type on your terminal SQ U a WK and that's a Bloomberg business flash. Now here's Michael Barr with more on what's going on around the world, Michael. Karen, thank you very much. There have been reports of the widespread Internet outage with Verizon that's according to down detector. The January 6th committee will hear from former Justice Department officials today. The panel says they face pressure from Donald Trump over the presidential election results. The PGA Tour plans to increase per sizes and revamp the schedule in an effort to keep players from heading to the Saudi backed Liv golf series in baseball, the Yankees won the Met's lost the Orioles shut out the nationals, the Red Sox won, the giant a's lost. In the NHL, the avalanche, a game away from winning the Stanley Cup after beating the lightning, the NBA draft is tonight. Global news, 24 hours a day

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