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Several weeks ago when my mother was in the hospital she is and she's in a nursing home reason why she was taken to the hospital is because the doctor in a nursing home we should shore Long Beach and he's all the sound terrible what we found out we got hurt carbon dioxide levels were very polite right so she went to the hospital they put a to god's will launch of five days she was in intensive care after ten days he finally released her her carbon dioxide welcome back to normal and now she's been nursing home for a couple weeks now and everything he pointed to a couple days ago she seems sluggish so they took a blood test again and carbon dioxide levels are going up again have lung disease COPD emphysema yes yes yes so what's happening is your lungs obviously are supposed to pull oxygen in to your Airways the LV ally are those grape like clusters that are semi circular like grapes in your lungs and the air goes for your main stem Broncos to your smaller bright guy to be out of your life the box is supposed to get absorbed across the membrane and the membrane is in the blood vessels wraparound all those air sacs and you know the action gets in your blood binds to the iron in the hemoglobin when the red blood cell and then gets delivered carried in delivered to your body and then as your body and your metabolism in your oxygenation process works you supposed to blow out CO two but if your lungs are degenerating in flames damaged then part of that oxygen intake and part of the oxygen of the CO two release is a process is not working right so I I I can't know how many years your mom is have long problems this is probably something that has been on and off going for awhile but you know if she's older now than there may be some significant long degeneration that we want to deal with in a perfect world as we may have mentioned before and I don't remember if you told me she had COPD before doing the stem cell therapy is the ideal thing because you're putting brand new cells into the vein in into a nebulizer to get him into the lungs to get them to work better my question I'd like to get her to see you in the near future what is your anything we traditionally or nothing actually will help the lines like that no there's no vitamin there's really no drug that's going to do what her lungs aren't doing you know so even if they put her on oxygen to take home that may get somebody out to do new but it doesn't necessarily allowed to see the COPD inflammatory mechanism to allow the CO two out so this is one of those things it's sort of a delicate balance how old is she now she ninety two okay so yeah we've seen lots and lots of patience and put recommendations together specific to vitamins minerals hormones and stem cells etcetera have extenso was a spy for the best mechanism because you're putting yourselves into the area to create result the question would be how many cells does she have damaged in our lungs there's no way to test for that so with that being the case of a yes you do the procedure and you getting some benefit I can tell you know how soon she would get X. Y. Z. result yeah of course it would be great to have done this ten years ago or five years ago or something but you know I still think it'll work out patient center ninety so we've treated so I think that certainly a mechanism that can help to repel lungs just like it can help with the brain eyes heart liver kidney pancreas joints so if you look at the videos the website you see people of pretty bad problems that have great results for stem cells owl what did happen like in a market by border in like in a couple weeks we'll have to wait if you bring her in we get the blood work done we can try to get it back within a week to do the procedure and then as that procedure is done within an hour in the office we would have her come back within a few weeks three weeks or so for weeks and we want to watch to see how much better she's doing we want all patients to make a chart list of all their symptoms you could do it with her for her and then watch each of those symptoms day to day week to week and make some notes as to how they're doing all because that's how we can follow and track the improvement okay show all right all right yeah that all right doc okay I'll get back to you okay take a look at that look forty hearing from.

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