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And essentially saw this huge divide and the artificial constraint on the commercial drone market and said we should try and figure out how to solve this trust issue and like ultimately that's what created iris automation a certain point we quit and moved back up the vancouver and worked in a basement for awhile writing software and then said you know what we have the prototype and let's uh let's get some investment and porcelain gas on this fire that's awesome so you're based here now in the bay area exactly so we we just moved down so we can offer why combinator of the summer and i mean so much such a great ecosystem here there's talent investors just in general disorder events great podcasts it's a good place to be a guest on a podcast and also to get investment for drunk company were there other so for those who don't know why combinator is can you explain what that is exactly sure it's one of the best known accelerator programs in the world on essentially they select the number of different companies are twice a year in two different batches and other broadened to mountain view or san francisco and essentially the bringing mentors guests the summit called demo day at the very end to where they put you on a stage for two and a half minutes front a five hundred investors was quite quite thrilling probably the most were hurst two and a half minutes of my life but i'm in the sort of entrust that came after that was phenomenal that's awesome and how long this oh so that goes on for likes four three four six months or something and why it was a thirty three months germany and of august i think the the biggest part of it has been part of this alumni network now as it is something like a thousand founders in have gone through that program and just being part of the network coming being sort of on that inside circle has been tremendously useful for.

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