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The core which flared on dole absorb before the full tournament field is announced later on today several automatic bids on the line has just gone final in the ivy league between panin harvard harvard it mike hadreas he says he reported you could ask you got the rebel pulls back outside to curry horror the pair that's scot graeme was bored want all mccall six the 65 the final pen beats harvard is the 24th enzi aa tournament bid for pan and the first since two thousand seven two other title games going on right now both are at halftime game you can watch on cbs the eight ten championship rhode island with a thirty three thirty two lead on davidson then the sec tennessee's made a little bit of a run their back in it against kentucky wildcat still in front though 36 thirty one once again that game at the half and then later wrong coming up in just about to get underway actually the sun belt title game georgia state against uti arlington than a three thirty eastern on cbs this the a c championship game cincinnati taking on a houston in the nba one game in progress right now the raptors going for their eighth consecutive win taking on the mix it m s g toronto in front fifty two to forty eight with four minutes to go until halftime late iran no steph curry or jimmy butler but still a fun match up in the west the warriors visit the tea wolves and just two and a half game separating the fourth route ten seeds in the west the pelicans currently sit in the fourth spot the jazz in the ten th position and those two teams will go added that's at three thirty eastern tonight a play potential playoff preview in the east the celtics host the pacers in golf tiger woods as just teed off at the val spark championship in florida he's in contention for his first tournament win since 2013 he's one shot behind the leader corey connors is done a pretty clean last couple of days been really good i've been really consistent move myself off the board i know it's packed up there but uh they say about a shot tigers at eight under par on the first.

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