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Com. Thank you oh you got. All the shirts are hotdogs shirt. My drawing talk shirts things take time so I thought Churchill still all through the roof. I got a message saying hey. When can I expect those hotdogs shirts in like if I ordered him on this day and I was like this has to be the only guy out from time to time every tweet merch assholes go ahead or are you have people from Vietnam ruin. Your Life's going to be another war Vietnam over the sink. We have to go to war with Vietnam okay. This one portnoy might be invested if they're ripping off his or what is this just a message. I said presumably you guys have dealt with this before like there's this isn't the first time Barcelona Salaam bootleg t-shirt just by the way I would not do. I must say right now because we're going to announce it today. If this doesn't get cleared up we are not doing our live. Show Vietnam aren't aren't we're not. I was ready to do it and announced in December. We're GONNA do a week there but now I'm not GonNa do it. We put a call into the Vietnamese Embassy and see if they can burn guest on to defend their intellectual property theft or they sound like Mike. It be called the Vietnam Embassy do it. I swear to blow this place up in five seconds. Just Call Vietnamese Woodson really really Jesus. Would you call the Vietnamese Embassy. Just see what they're doing. What are you doing. Hey what are you doing. What's going on. Who is this so I understand hand someone on Ebay Okay ripped off designed by the Teasha okay so not selling the shirt itself on Ebay no they they they're saying the shirt and the recent manufacturing their own for twenty five cents with child labor and then selling a version of yours. I assume which labor boy hope so. That's how you get the best March I. It's a porno in Dan and they made in USA big. Pro Union. Guy Like Dame's so okay. Hey why AM I. Why do I care because it cuts into our money. Oh I gotcha okay. Do you think anybody buying them. No no good famous you that as true I I would hope not but ah tweeting who shame personal social media price difference is substantial twenty-five sense no oh how much only for like ten dollars cheaper than you can get him a barstool. It's like fifty bucks. Doing I pro- probably drive traffic with this guy. He sounds does the short look good good. Look at Sharon Black borstal shirts. I like Steve is going to Vietnam and try on yet. Maybe we should send over there for a year. I was pretty shook him to call duly. We call this guy out yet or no. Yeah I said son. No social media will be shamed him yet. He's in Vietnam get NAM. What am I mean we have. We have the ebay account right. He's going to say they do not buy this. Don't buy this fucking shirt but why even provided link. Why not all that Steve. I thought that you would be good. I thought so you would be interested in someone trying to rip. Y interested in that but I'm saying why. Don't we fucking ruin this guy then we'll do it. Whoever's doing the count. The count of parody account is going to have to add Vietnamese. Maybe a real. Medicare won't steal okay well well. So did this guy respond. He hasn't responded to me yet now. Are there any almost I almost don't respond very very jealous of any bids on the shirt yet. I didn't see any beds now. Not sent me the link yes I can is. What shirt is it. The minute versus the world in black. Yes which isn't a design. We put up right now. I don't believe so now. The thing about like a springsteen hitches me who who else has these designs how old here that was younger. There was a thing called bootlegs. CDs Live springsteen shows which just crazy to think about now you would spend. What are you laughing when I was a younger man. We had bootlegs if you're funny works. We don't get older voice. There Steve Okay hit buttons spend like Eighty Bucks on the springsteen concert on fucking CD. Oh uh-huh yeah go in these places that sell them fucking go in there by them. You free to get arrested. Just download it. Everything's on Youtube. Doesn't the fucking matters anymore when Youtube I happened in my life and the guy was like I was I was at work in the game. You can just go to youtube thing and they look up springsteen's a holy fuck unbelievable guy's like yeah he's like he can watch old episodes of three's company. If you want what the fuck when talking about and the office they were confessing things they did bad. Michael says when you came out I didn't work for three and a half. Let's see American productivity collapsed collapsed because of Youtube Anyway. What are you doing Steve. I emailed you the link on that. You just texted me. Don't we can look at it right now. Okay why are you make things so divisive to quote Michael Scott and why are you. Why do you do these things. But why are you the way that you are either way that you are. You don't have your email to the whole thing Mike. It's a whole fucking I do but it's a pain in the ass enough I like to I like to I like to Cook texting. I gotcha with also getting Kevin Colin Columnists today. Was that interesting to you at yeah. I'm a little Colin Scott near you. Sent me some video on the Senate to you. I don't know what's going on. Here is a video of call no but you just sent it to me during the show. I don't know the great who's just got near on his phone. I felt I don't know what they're gonNA do about steer off the gender reveal podcast. was that see no. I don't know Yeah we've got. We've got some cuts from that if we talked before what is that you say you text it to me yesterday. It's a it's a it's a podcast. All about gender identity and transgender issues Herren Helen Alan Mirren say that nobody is just a man or a woman yesterday which I thought was interesting. Everybody's got a bit of a woman or a bit of a man in her okay and what does that. I'm not really sure but she said it so everyone wink when she said. I'm not sure you know what I'm talking about folks. Yes I understand and social media loaded. Let me just say I don't know. Is that really true. I mean I don't know maybe fuck knows so what's this. We talked to his gender of you'll podcast before right. Yes we get this person on. We tried before. She never got back to us. I think her name is like molly. Molly Woodstock Molly Story so it was all about pronouns it was about the their cheated entire entire episode about the Pantheon of pronouns whose and there's there's some that we'd never even heard pronouns the educational the guys from the Joker story the editor and writer do not thanks have been overex- right. Pronoun- Kings said he he's one of the guys he's a you know a Canadian living in Portland Oregon who was his pronouns in his twitter bio. He has a curious. Why do people do that. I know I'm old. But why don't you know who wouldn't who wouldn't think that that he calls himself that. He's a man isn't he. Well I mean you just assume that that is ground on there. I mean he was he's born and lived as a man right. I I mean I guess yes. Yes now that he's told US yes I. I think it's a it's a it's a courtesy to people who might not identify as their sex at birth. I mean fuck them. It's a way of letting you know like hey. I'm down with the 'cause. You're saying like like good for them. But what the fuck do. I care good for you good for you that you do have to tell parliament. I am because people go. That is so brave of you. I think it's kind of like the so I suppose if I I'm fine with me being any part in and I want but why I've I'm a guy. I've never if you did they would say hey. You're trolling people. I'm being sarcastic. Yeah would be if I did right well. It's like the straight a straight couple that puts pride bumper sticker on their car rainbow okay great sign of solidarity with with whom with the Trans Community but I mean okay what does that do. Though how does it help anything I'm all for it but let's fuck and fix them shit. Let's your your your share sticker sharing in the Pronoun Struggle. I think what they're trying to fix is the struggle that they have with getting other people to use their pronouns and understand their pronouns. You think somebody's saying he his helps that makes the most basic are not the complicated part he is. It gets more complicated when you're not you don't have the typical but I agree with that. I think will kirk is trying to say here. Is that if you hit if you're born a man identified as he his why say anything. I assume you're rejecting the idea of SIS normativity. No you're not D- by by by putting the pronouns into your bio. You're saying that it's not just the normal like it's not normal just to be he his if you present as mail normal but that's the the argument that they're making the call themselves layers yeah they in most cases saying what they're saying that it too just to assume that someone who presents his mail uses he him pronouns but I would say what percentage of the world the males a very small percentage sorry so. I'm on the other side. No percentage ninety nine point nine six percent the vast majority. I'm GonNa call called the normal. I'm not saying it's right or wrong normal which means the during majority normative whatever the great majority of of males in the world. Is there a lot of this going on in other countries are they doing. I don't know I haven't heard a lot of chatter about about it. Would you say in the Middle East. It's going on a lot over the gate. North Korea some Bark Asia North Korea has a twitter account interesting well Kim Jong Burn he probably he's probably he's probably gonNA fall trump Kellyanne. He's probably in that minivan three live show in North Korea would do it sure I'd be like Rodney. Dennis Rodman live in studio the whole and I would not want to do that Blind Micro Wind Up Gulag. That's fine but I am saying is you could call yourself any pronouns. I actually applaud support..

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