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Your behavior often for the detriment of yourself because you're not shielded from the consequences of your bad behavior and that's the problem with state provided welfare with warriors asians like theme of that's a problem with infrastructure spin the larry alderson out we days of one before dennis prater at three on six ninety the answer thirty four minutes after the hour on the mike oh man oh i think guy i had down per evaded some miss information i wanna correct the miss information as a do it mile you know a portion on a inning that he said but i know i don't i'm a guilty of fake news not now not ever so let's correct their record and thank you for the folks who call i had a lot and miss lead people to think that the crazy on our pissed demonstrators or even praise year than they are and you know worst of california berkeley because my understanding i knew that he'd had a speech cancelled and you see away because the ryan said berkeley and i had lead people in this was both yesterday and today let people the impression that he actually had not been at berkeley that they were rioting despite his non presence there he was there and he had to be lead off with the flank jacket to be protected and the the an artist sue who ran while that carroll and and again i i think that the president who sent out a tweet that said look at it in people to get ahold this kind of situation or funding will be cut off for the university of california but as i i understand that that's probably not going to be an effective reaction because it wasn't as if they didn't have campus cops there they just didn't handle these demonstrators i think it aggressively enough and the question now is does governor brown one it call out the national guard on something like that president and governor reagan what have and did and university of california at berkeley but it's not really up to the president universe to california chad on the power ta remember her from a obama administration former secretary of homeland security former democratic governor of arizona now president of calif in any event university california system all of this and going.

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