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Good Morning T._b.. And Welcome Back Ladies and gentlemen to another edition of the box and voice radio it is Monday morning and we are back to discuss some boxing obviously obviously over the weekend jam-packed weaken of boxing but over this weekend the legend Manny Pacquiao step foot back in the ring claiming another W._B._A.. Super World Royal Title Into Welterweight Division showing that age is nothing but a number and really it just got me thinking. This is our generations best fighter. I mean look I love Floyd. I want him back but he doesn't put on the exciting fights like Manny Pacquiao and he rarely gave us those fights. We wanted right like I didn't want me Donna. I'm sorry you know especially after Alexander was able to beat them. I didn't want him obviously may Donna and mayweather prove that styles makes fights and you know fighter. A beating fighter B doesn't mean that he's going to do good or bad versus see but I'd want that you know I wanted. Manny versus Floyd years ago I wanted Floyd Margarito Floyd Paul Williams Floyd Kief one time Thurman and ironically enough. We're here discussing pack Yo fighting and defeating keep one time I'm terminal man that was calling out for mayweather when he was active a man that mayweather eventually vacated his title not to have to face a man that mayweather essentially created the media hype behind nine Earl Spence pudding the earl spence speed bump roadblock barricade between four mayweather and Kief one time therman German was we're supposed to get a crack at floyd obviously in retrospect watching him lose too many pack out Saturday night. I'm pretty sure no one cares anymore and they won't call floyd a duck. Obviously because Thurman wasn't able to to meet expectations but floyd did not take the fight chose to pick between BURTO and career Mayfield and here we are some years forward pack you out older taking on that test that may whether ignored that test that mayweather through to earl spence you know so. You'll you handle that. I don't know it's funny man. I do backout..

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