Justin Fairfax, Justice Cavanaugh, Dr Ford discussed on Sean Hannity


Yes. That's right. Inappropriate. My wife says inappropriate circumstances. He was gonna do it. You know, when he admits all this. It's hard to get off when you put shoe polish on your face. And he I mean, he's missing something. There's a missing chip in. Here has somebody that could be disconnected on all of these specific issues right now, then the next bomb if you will to drop is then you have the Lieutenant governor Fairfax Justin Fairfax is accused by a woman. Going back to the Boston two thousand four democratic convention accusing him of literally forcing her into a a violent sexual act, and she is come out and told her story, and that story now is gaining a lot of credibility because the woman who made the allegation now has a friend that corroborated that she had told her at the time exactly what had happened that. Now brings up the issue of the Democrats and all of those people during the hearings of Justice Cavanaugh that went out before we heard from any of the people making allegations all those people going out there and saying I believe I believe I believe we have a montage of all the Democrats saying they believe listen, I only do women like Dr Ford who bravely comes forward need to be heard. But they need to be believed. They.

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