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This is back that what up back to backers this is willie joy welcome to the show this is back to back this is my podcast we are out here another week another tuesday another awesome guest for the show and my guest this week is sneak he's making some of the craziest mid tempo bass music just inexistence right now he's got the year of every big name in the game from base nectar res excision on down the line and he's got a brand new song called grudge that's out right now and i hope after you listen to this that everybody goes and checks it out i'm recording this a couple days early i'm about to fly back to minnesota for a wedding i was born there my folks are still they're going to get some family time in so i got a knock these out as always i wanna make sure everybody is following the back to bangers spotify playlist this is the playlist that i update every so single week with all new music for myself my guests and everything that we talk about in each of these conversations that you guys are listening to so if we mentioned a song that you don't know or a song that you forgot about and you're like oh yeah that's a great song i wanna hear that song or anywhere in between all you have to do is just go follow the spotify playlist the link to that is in the description of this episode i also tried a little experiment on twitter earlier this week just kind of put a call out into the atmosphere to see who you guys want to appear on this show and it was actually really cool i got a ton of responses from it some great ideas so i wanna do that here on the show to if there's a guest that you wanna see appear on this show send out a tweet tag them tag me tag the show i'm at willie joy the show is at back to back pied and let them know they should be on this show there have actually been times where listeners of this show have helped make those connections that led to somebody appearing on back to back and i really love that this is a community show i love getting you guys involved so you know have think about it if there's just an amazing guests that you think would be awesome to hear from just let them know send the tweet tag saul let's make it happen you can also email me at backed back pod gmailcom with all your questions comments concerns the weird lumban your but that isn't going away you know whatever you're thinking about i'm here for you back to back pod at g mail dot com i was pretty stoked for this week's episode with sneak i met up with him last week in los angeles he had me over to his apartment and in the hour that it took to do the podcast his dog tried to eat my shoes my bag a lot of our audio cables that we were using to record basically it was holding us hostage the entire time so shout out the butters you are an irresponsible dog but we had a great conversation sneak lives in a building with getter who i'm sure a lot of you listening no and also with diablo an amazing hip hop producer who's just killing the game right now and it was just a cool creative atmosphere you could just tell there was a lag going on you know boxes a merchandise art on the.

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