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All right just that quick we are back and we are diving into the weekly shows and a lot going on still in the world pro wrestling. That might stop in the near future. But we'll touch on that in the second Aws still going strong on their weekly shows drain. This past week. I thought they continue their momentum from you know what it'd been like maybe the past month even longer had another good show some good wrestling on there and a couple twists and turns we saw the entering debut. Brodie Lee we saw Matt Hardy gets his first feud tons of stuff going on and I was talking about the card guys who were always you know. Keep an eye on. Because they're the future of this program in that semi Rivera Darby Allen and Jimmy Havoc. They all were in action. And my only gripe is that they still use a lot of these guys to feed to the main topic of the card instead of getting them and telling their own little story narratives with each other. They'RE GONNA lose the Darby Allen Boosted Samuel. Sammy lose to. Darby like tell. They started their program and then it stopped. Well I mean Darby one so he keeps you so Darby's only one that one what happened to him and Sammy. Sammy wrestled for the title against Omega. I don't think you can put Sammy couvert over on Omega I think he wrestled for a triple eight. It's not their time. It's still it's still a title means. I mean look I think the development of Santa Vera has been fascinating to watch because I think starting to realize what they have with him. Because Sammy's as a kid for purposes he's still young as hell and if you've watched them from the day he made his debut and now the character is really coming out of San Rivera so night and day. He's a great asset parenthood Jericho's. He's been fantastic him kissing the brandy. Poster was the cardboard cutout was amazing light and her her face says crazy and the fact that he was in there with Omega speaks says a lot because he wasn't heating squashed. Yeah Good Matt actually had a really good match. I think Verizon Guy that you look at it was like yeah when we introduce secondary title him. Darby Ellen the front runners for that those two guys like if they put emphasis on the Intercontinental Title. Whatever they call the sidled lengthy title. Wwe It's a star making thing for guys like Darby and Samuel Veira. I think those guys are fine. Jimmy having nobody gives Jim J. F. Yes Jimmy Havoc about having. I don't care about losing the coding. And that's expected but I'm fine. We were losing no Megan. Because you've got the light and Darby Islands Dr Beyond the Guy Super over. They just need to figure out when. And how because he can't do it now. It's Kinda hard to introduce. A second title is needed. Now you've got the talent then I mean Orange Cassidy's and other guy. Obviously that made card that Is GonNA shot? I just want to see them win. Some you know like Darby Allen was the perfect example of them. Be KIP saving you know. Let someone beat Shawn Spears. There has to be a baby face. Mvp A few with and beat. Let them get a run of winning and not just challenging for titles to put him in good spots and saying you look great in a loss kid. Who here's a question could put some severe overall right now. I don't know I don't know who they're under like they're undertone baby face. I think they're gonNA establish that and I think go dust. I think it's too early to give Sammy gold. That should be losing. Yeah but I think it's too early to Samuel Real. Push right now okay. I don't I don't want a real push. I just want him to win. A few like all in order to put him over on in order to establish him though he's GonNa have to lose. I think that's the point like in order to establish Sammy Varas like you've got to put them in a spot where he can shine but lose like every great talent loses they start off of hot I. I just don't want him to lose all the time he won't. Can you give the man one all the time before he turns it could bray? Why 'cause losing for three years? I don't think he's GonNa lose all the time. I think they're figuring this out with me and they're putting him in spots to shine because he yes. I trust them so far. But again you go from that to white real quick where you're in programs with top guys and you're just losing to top guys in the great 'cause the gimmick losing to top guys and you look back what the fuck happened to bury. Y. Yeah but so saying like let him beat up on some of the other guys so you have Oh what's his face is a perfect example. Let's see 'em punks old friend from Chicago BANNON'S COMING IN HIS Co. Cabana having feudal Cochabamba get Kenny. Biko but again. That's a good guy for him. The feud and go over. What are you can lose against the top? Do he'll get his wings like it's still early. He doesn't he doesn't need to build a tour year end. He hasn't gotten his wins. It is not a urine starting October smart TV starting October. So we're not a year starring tour. Shit yeah double or nothing in the I mean obviously establishing all the other talent. But you're building with these guys like when triple H I. I like what they're doing. Tribulation came in. And he was the heel and he would lose he would lose constantly aren't hunters. Helmsley but he won some guess. He's he's Golda. Sammy's GONNA get rid. Darby's been winning because he's a baby face. Remember some as the heal and heal. He'll right now and he's working with a bunch of guys the inner circle who are clearly established guys even Jake Hager who I think is whack and I'm now at the point where I've grown grown completely weary of them but you can't even like Berry Jake Hager right now. It's like same various. Got To be the guy to pay for the Wa but in the inner room. He's developing somebody that people are GonNa WanNa see more and more 'cause I I already want to see him win so intern. They're doing right thing right. I mean he's losing and it makes me want to see him win even as a heel so they're building correctly he's GonNa get hints again cool. Yes they're doing their job. Just make sure like you know sooner or later. Still the bomb But again I trust them. They haven't gone wrong yet. Except for Jake Hager. Who looks like they're going to feed him to Jon Moxley? Yeah which is fine to a degree for 'cause he's he's undefeated it's like let's shit out so he's got to lose the Moxley on TV totally fine. It's the fact that Hager's still has such a prominent role because I think eventually got to change gear. They make years horrid years away. But it's like some of these guys they signed into aws detriment. It's like Shawn Spears. And He's not the Guy Hager's not guy so find. I mean because now you're just signed two big guys archery and brody their heels though so I don't know I don't know how you really get hey graft paint. He's still like this bodyguard type and there's not you know it's weird aside from Lucia sewers. There isn't really any big baby faces. They're all relatively small. No you small and mid sized guys. There's no monster maybe because now because you bring in a lot of guys like baby faces just easy I mean a big is easier transition is monster heels right or does asshole you Yeah I don't even know who they would bring in as like a big guy we're GONNA Sign Moose. Mugabe we face but he's better as I don't know I don't know for. Hey I'm tired of Jeff. Cobb was was a possibility of a big baby face but he only wrestled a one off but would fit that bill. I don't know if they don't have a lot of big guys but Hager's wack that's all he's not just now and he does addict punch now. It's install bed Another end Briley entering debut. I if I had a promo where he was kind of being the asshole. Visiting Bank Arthur which twenty I thought that was okay. Sooner or later the guy has to take a step back to let brody take step. Forward right yeah. Aw Still. A lot of like brody's the exalted went. He's the leader. You gotTa let him be. The leader is still a very own centric thing. I think the bigger issue here is that the stock wanted to stay in it. It's still not working. It's still our yet it. The characters to I thought I a gimmick would be too close to Wyatt's but brody lease credit he is made it even weeks different than that Different types of cult leader businessman. Mascarenas quoting completely different character. And I know that it's him per se But he he's tried to make it better. I don't know where the dark order fits in. I mean broadly one and put the dark order mask over the guy but then they go on twitter and on Youtube they still build a tunnel shit on YouTube But you look at that and it's a lot of evil doing the talking and signing and sending out the it's too much evil no now like you. You got your leader fallback. I don't know I don't like the ring. It's no. That was weird. I feel like the wage w tried to do and it worked to a degree. It was bait and switch the teas that it was going to be mad hardy. That's how I hereby kind of look at it and then it was like boom Brodie Lee and now I'm watching you and I'm GonNa give it some time but I'm tired of the dark order. I'M GONNA give Brodie Lee time but I'm looking at like Damn Kinda wish. The Jake Roberts managed Brodie Lee and archer. I felt like those monster. Those would be great together like when I saw archer because I love Jake's promos is just the way it is and Jake sitting in front of the Campfire talking about basically you guys to Pussy decided guy so just meet me somewhere so we can fuck you up is basically Jason. Promo like Jason. I like listen. I'm not the biggest fan of the old people. You know being paraded around as managers. But Jake has done well in his role better. There aren't veterans. Ollie Jacobs Kinda. Grab this by the balls and run that I've loved that I feel like man it was. I would feel so much better for so brody archer together like even if they weren't attacking it just felt like brody being in the guy who's just a big. Mosser who's brought him by somebody who's a psychological monitoring Jake Roberts and you got archer him together fine because this star order out. I couldn't get my eyes off of the ring attire. Like I was looking at like man. This is horrible Purple Right. Yeah Brody such a great worker to it just it. Just it was distracting. I I would like to see him even better like you know how using the Promo with the suit. If he just came in business took off. The jacket took off the shirt and tie. She's walked acid in the in the Su- pants and his boots. I mean anything. I don't know man this dark order things like that. Just play on being the boss right. It's kind of like the Boston Video Games like you. If your boss anything cool just loosened his fucking tie. Take off the white shirt TOM TO WHOOPI ASS and yet That'd play better than this. Weird Yeah Leotard. Yeah so I I don't know And then Chris Jericho being Chris Jericho we talked about it and Saugus praises cut a Promo on vanguard one just. I saw today on twitter. Cut a promo on his rumba which is equally spotty. Just smoking parading. His roomba how untrustworthy. It is so constant Promo Vangere won the Mount Hardy shows up and he does his teleportation. Give me all the weird shit. I'm here for the weird shit is almost equal to the flippy Shin. My mind people complain about the quality of the the cutting between the trip. Teleportation it's fucking teleportation George. Lucas is in directing my role wrestling. What he to look like you wanted to look believable teleportation like when is this thing so I don't care what the Hell it looks like. I got the gist. I liked it. It's a little cheesy two lake dawn of the dead colts. Ish like Shit and I think he brought that out and I like him feuding with jared. Yeah I'm on. The same boat here is like when I saw it. I was like this is supposed to be. I mean come on guys if you watch broken Matin. Tna which me and you didn't really catch on a little bit later it was courtney's fuck and it was supposed to be that way. And so people who are upset match just going back to the broken. GimMe the broken. Gimmick was the best sheet he had going for like this was never ever ever about Matt. Hardy's working the rain. It was never about that. It was about this character. And how much fun in ridiculous this character was with Vince..

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