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Industry. She had coordinated fashion showcases around south Florida. She juggled her budding career with being the single mother of toddler. Butch Casey makes his way over to marine Sharon and the three spent some time talking. He flirts with them, has a plate of wasters Rockefeller sent over on the house as Don starch break, and the club is closing down. Butch invites the two women back to his house in the quiet suburb of Miramar a few miles away. They arrived shortly after six thirty right around sunrise and Butch gives them a tour of the place. He's in fine form tonight. Entertaining his guests. Attentively the impromptu little party goes on. Within an hour all three or get brutalized shot in their heads at close range. What happened over that? Our at which Casey's houses hardly a mystery. In fact, we know second by second detail about the movements of Butch Casey and the others who were there, it's what makes this case now known as the Casey's Nickelodeon murders. So remarkable. Pleace marble that what they called the single most significant piece of evidence state ever seen an investigation which Casey's home was wired with security cameras. They captured everything that seems rather remarkable today when video records so much of our lives. But in nineteen Ninety-four such home technology was rare. Here's potential bats, a former reporter for the south Florida Sun-Sentinel who covered the murders police reporter for three years. I've seen a lot of murder and death after the fact, but the actually see unfold in seed when is happening. And you know, he's not TV. This is not something dramatizes. Real world is breathtaking and it's in. It's stunning one camera was hidden above the table where the three were partying. It recorded every moment of their violent killings and it recorded who killed them. They were recognized by several people who were shown photos grabbed from the videotape one. They said resembled Pablo Eibar, a twenty two year old who was living in Hollywood Florida in a flop house that was known on the street for drug dealing cell phone and credit card fraud, and it's gun toting tenants. He had no criminal record, but was on a downward spiral after returning from California where he spent a semester playing football or community college. The other man fingered on the video Seth panel, a twenty one year old, middle school, dropout who had been on his own and essentially homeless by age fifteen. Seth done three months in county jail for driving by rivals house and shooting into. He also spent six months in state prison in a case involving stolen gold chain. It seemed like the incriminating video would make this an open and shut case. But a jury ultimately decided Seth Panova was not involved in the murders. In fact, over the twenty three years since the killings and discovery of the video, there have been hor trials to convictions a hung, jury to death sentences in two successful appeals. Today. Early in two thousand eighteen. Nobody stands convicted of the Casey's Nickelodeon mirrors the sun sentinel reporter, bats. In cases just simply will not go away. Hi, it's Lisa. Arthur audio books are a great way to get informed motivated or just entertain, and if you're enjoying Polonius Florida, audible has some titles that you may also like try books like west cork and audible original about a famous foam producer's wife who was bludgeoned to death steps from her idyllic, cottage on the coast of Ireland or debut. Everyone is talking about AJ fins the woman in the window about a paranoid woman who believes she's witnessed a crime in a neighboring house and don't forget Craig Pitman's of Florida. How America's weirdest state influences the rest of the country. Now, audible is offering listeners felonious, Florida. A free audio book with a thirty day trial membership to browse the unmatched selection. Just go to audible dot com slash Florida. That's a U D I B L E dot com. Slash Florida or texts, Florida, five hundred dash five hundred audibles content of original audio shows news comedy and more from the. Leading publishers are yours to keep go back and and anytime even if you cancel your membership and audible members get credit every month. Good for any audio book in their store. Didn't like your audio book. You can exchange it. No questions asked download a title, free and start listening. It's that easy go to audible dot com slash Florida. That's a you. UD be L E dot com. Slash

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