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Yeah i could see it i could see like this could be the final straw the final straw for per jaffer you'd there's been no love lost between these two this whole time i think that that's a good car i also i love this scene with the hound saving sansa and this is something that i really i i don't remember how much i have been championing this on the podcast that we were doing proceess in seven but it certainly something that i really hope comes to light now that we know that the hound he's going to survive everything that happens with brie he's going to be traveling with the brotherhood without banners he is going to be firmly team john snow and team to nearest target in when it comes to the war against the dead i really hope that the ultimate fate for that character is that he become this like kings guard for a queen in the north sansa stark like i'm really really trying to will that into existence i feel like that would be a great way to ab to pay off all of the scenes that happened between him and santa in season to in him saving her here i think that that would be a fantastic direction for the shut ago yeah i would love to see it as i guess we yours still dug in on the game ball so we have to get that then he's in the hands going to survive that he i think so i think so i think i i'm my money is i feel like you've gotta i feel like the coup gameboy gas could end in both kagame brothers dying but i wanna see somebody win i wanna see somebody come out on top of that situation and i don't want it to be the mountain because the mount always winds that's no fun.

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